This goal follows the main goal Small-time Interview.

People Involved


Visit Arnie in his office and he will tell you about a new show that Bryan Marchuk is producing for Studio Supercool. He doesn't have many details but he knows that it's genre is horror. Since you're getting more popular, the people from the studio want to know if you'd be interested, but there's a catch, Marchuk hates you, more specifically, your work. He has reluctantly agreed to meet you at Il Vecchio Pazzo.

Into The Lion's Den

Proceeding to speak to Bryan Marchuk requires Energy5)

Bryan explains to you he doesn't think you can pull off a serious character and questions your experience in the horror genre. Choose "do you" and he says that he sees a spark of something great because you showed that you have some intensity. He'll tell you about Tommy Whyso and say that he's going to hand you to him to film Whyso's self-proclaimed horror masterpiece "Room of the Black Widow". Bryan says that if your acting can transcend what will probably be a ridiculous production, then he will know that you're the perfect choice for his upcoming project.

Arnie will call youTto inform you that, Charlene already told him all about your meeting with Bryan. He also tells you that Tommy Whyso already called and you can start filming his "masterpiece" in 8 hours.


Room of the Black Widow
(Property of Supercool Studio)

Line 1: You're tearing me apart with your mind games!

Line 2: Seriously! It's like I'm sitting on a bomb about to go off...

Goal Reward

Into The Lion's Den Cash+20 XP+53

Following Goal

Suburban Horror

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