Vincent Holtz
Gender Male
List A-List A-List
Occupation Producer

Vincent Holtz first comes onto the scene as part of Meet Vincent Holtz, where Golden Gate Film Studio are eyeing you for the role in an upcoming film series in honor of Kelly McQueen, but they want you to meet with Holtz, who is the producer in charge.

Later, Vincent will ask you to complete a five picture deal in a week, if you do he promises to give you a big bonus!

Vincent's appearance varies among players.

Background Trivia

Vincent Holtz is the producer for the entire Kelly McQueen series. He is a Hollywood power player who can make or break careers, so play nice!

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Meet Vincent Holtz Sleepless Sam Life Aberrant Desert Rose
Red Moon Acatalepsy! Hollywood Royalty


Meet Vincent Holtz
(Your Name}! It's pleasure to finally meet you. If only it weren't under such unfortunate circumstances.

We at Golden Gate Films believe you have a wonderful future ahead of you and we'd love to work with you on our Kelly McQueen tribute series.
1.Speech I'd be honored! Energy10
2. Speech (Come later.)

1. The studio has placed me in charge of making sure this series honors Kelly McQueen and does justice to one of the most versatile actors who has ever lived.

We're not just looking for a talented and versatile actor, we need someone who can commit to completing a five picture deal in just a week!
Speech I can do it!

We'll need you to make this priority one, which means you'll likely have to pass up other opportunities. Finish all five films and you'll get a big bonus!

As Kelly started out in silent comedies, so shall we. The first picture is called Sleepless Sam. The project begins filming in 8 hours.
a.Speech (Wait 8h.)
b.Speech Start filming now! Star16

Life Aberrant
(Your Name), it's me Vincent. The studio just saw an early cut of Sleepless Sam. They LOVED it! It's a wonderful start to the series…

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. There are four more pictures to go! Hope you're ready for the next film!
Speech Ready!

After success with a few comedies, Kelly wanted to shake things up before getting typecasted. Kelly took on a dramatic role and shot straight for stardom!

Your next film really symbolizes what Kelly would become best known for... change. A person's freedom to change and evolve who they are. Life Aberrant begins shooting in 8 hours!
1.Speech (Wait 8h.)
2.Speech Start filming now! Star16

Desert Rose
(Your Name), your work in Life Aberrant was an award winning performance if I've ever seen one! The studio is very impressed and so am I.

It's clear we've chosen the right talent to help honor Kelly McQueen's legacy. With two projects in the bag, let's get on with the next three!
Speech Sounds great!

Having mastered comedy and drama, Kelly went on to capture the world's hearts in a touching tale of love in war torn Africa during the Second World War.

Hope you don't mind a lot of sand, because Desert Rose begins filming in 12 hours. We look forward to seeing if you can top your last performance!
1.Speech (Wait 12h.)
2.Speech Start filming now! Star24

Red Moon
Well (Your Name), Golden Gate Films is officially in love with you. The studio couldn't be happier with how Desert Rose turned out.

I hope you realize what a key role you've been playing in honoring Kelly McQueen. But our work is not yet over... two more films to go!
Speech Let's do it!

After making us laugh, feel and love, Kelly decided to scare us all like never before! Kelly McQueen's horror films were few, but truly frightening!

Your next film is a horror called Red Moon. It's the tale of the last surviving werewolf in a world dominated by vampires! We start filming in 12 hours.
1.Speech (Wait 12h.)
2.Speech Start filming now! Star24

Red Moon is an instant classic horror film thanks to you. I can't help but feel Kelly would have been truly proud of your performance.

Speaking of Kelly McQueen... only one more film left in the series! You've been working awfully hard. Got one more in you?
Speech Always

Glad to hear it! In the later years of Kelly's career, there was an obviously conscious effort to take on more introspective roles.

The last film in the series is a sci-fi film called Acatalepsy. It's about a journey to discover the answers to life's biggest questions. We start filming in 24 hours!
1.Speech (Wait 24h.)
2. Start filming now! Star48

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