An event in February 2014.


The event took place on February 7, 2014 to February 14, 2014.

Love is in the air! Go on dates from Feb. 7 - Feb. 14 and collect hearts to unlock lovely Valentine's Day clothing items!


Collect Hearthearts from any date with anyone! Collecting these heart can net you come exclusive Valentine's Day costumes and rewards.  Flirting and gifting can also get you hearts. You have until the end of Valentine's Day to collect hearts.


Charlene calls you and tells you about the event.  Even if you don't have her as your publicist yet, you will still get the achievement by dating.

Wearing this item will gain you 50% chance at double hearts from tasks. The item costs $1.99.

ValentineNecklace ValentineWatch

The event lastedt until the end of February 14, 2014.

Valentina's Day

Google Play players had an exclusive Valentine's Day goal, where your agent would call informing you a famous fashion designer is in town and in the spirt of Valentine's Day she was giving away clothing to the most romantic couple she spots on a date.

Completing 5 dates before the end of Valentine's Day would reward you with two items of clothing.

There was no equivalent for iOS players.

Event Rewards

You can see your progress with hearts at the bottom of your Achievements tab.

Achievement Amount Needed Reward
Heart Valentine 1 Heart 200 Cash 25 XP 5 Energy 1
Heart Valentine 2 Heart 450 Cash 50 Star 1 XP 10 Energy 2
Heart Valentine 3 Heart 350 Cash 100 Star 2 XP 25 Energy 3

Valentina Rewards

Goal Star Reward Starlet Reward
Valentina's Day ValentinaStarSuit ValentinaStarScarf ValentinaStarletJumper ValentinaStarletScarf

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