This goal was exclusively for Google Play players only and was part of the Valentine's Day Event.

People Involved

  • Agent


Your agent will call and after an embarrassing conversation with them, that you promise not to speak of again, they will tell you that famous fashion designer, Angelica Valentina, is in town! And guess what! In the spirit of Valentine's Day, she plans to give out a special gift to the most romantic couple she spots on a date! So time to get dating for the chance to be spotted!

  • Task Go on 5 dates to get spotted by Angelica Valentina

You had until the end of Valentine's Day to complete this goal.

When successfully completing 5 dates within the time limit, your agent will call again to tell you that Angelica Valentina, spotted you on a date and she has left a gift for you at their office.

Goal Reward

Cash+76 XP+36 Star+1

Angelica Valentina Gifts


ValentinaStarletScarf ValentinaStarletJumper


ValentinaStarScarf ValentinaStarSuit

Following Goal

End of Valentina Goals

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