Arnie the great??

when we first arrive at stardom and go to Arnies office. First we are excited and think "This is going to be awesome" but then when we go to his office and our hopes go down and we then think "Why does arnies office look like a pig sty?". Then I'm not sure if you were disappointed at this but as I noticed every time Arnie calls he says "I thought you would be as excited as I was" when I click later. So if he is so great why is he excited about getting me a role? If he was really good at getting me roles he wouldn't be as excited because he would be use to it. Then another thing is one time arnie says "Rebecca, could you believe max called to give you a role!!????!!!" If he was good at giving people big time opportunities he would believe it because he would believe in himself that he would get someone else's attention. The only thing is although Arnie and his office don't look so great he still got me a lot of opportunities of becoming famous. So guys tell me...what do you like or don't like about arnie?

Arnie the great?

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