• It's a massive help! I still need to get round to starting another game to log the earlier goals xD...

    Just out of curiosity did you log the goals for the Photo Op goal? Such as rewards, what the goal said, if it required actions to do, cost energy etc? If so it could be added to the wiki :D No worries if you haven't ^_^

    ✰*・゜゚・* ★ Samurai Pizza Cat Heart

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    • Sorry, I didn't. I assumed it was already done until I was going to add the dialogue and realized that there weren't a goal for the dialouge. But I have another game running that's a bit behind, so I'll get to it then. I'll try to remember it!

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    • Hey no problemo! And don't apologise xD hehe! I wasn't expecting you to. As you say; you would assume they were already done :) 

      Technically they are but the layout has been changed since they were created. The founder doesn't edit on here anymore from what I can tell, hence some of the earlier goals and characters being missing and the layouts being different for some of the existing goals.

      But if you can manage it that would be sooooo awesome and helpful ^_^ But don't worry too much about it as I will be starting another game soon and I am sure OneStormyNight will be too. 

      Keep up the awesome edits :3

      ✰*・゜゚・* ★ Samurai Pizza CatHeart

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    • Getting there now... this is what I've got so far:

      goal: Arm Candy - Date someone on the C-list (or something)  | Reward: 50 xp + 3 energy

      Talking to Charlene...

      goal: In Pictures - Talk to Paparazzi at the neighborhood Starbeans | Reward: 10 xp

      Talking to Chet, there is some energy used or stars, and I've added this to the dialogue on his page.

      (this is after a bad meeting with Chet) goal: Too Close-Up - Talk to Charlene in her office | Reward: 5 xp

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    • You little super star BlueStar :3

      That's brilliant!! Thank you so so sooo much Shairnah :D These can be added to the wiki ^_^

      ✰*・゜゚・* ★ Samurai Pizza CatHeart

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