This goal follows The Big Break.

People Involved

  • Agent


Your rival think they're the best because they can do three projects in a row. You can do better than that, so you are assigned to do four!


The Grind House
(Property of Supercool Studios)

Line 1: At this price, I'd be crazy NOT to buy the house!

Line 2: This HOUSE is CRAZY! It's trying to kill us all!

Time: Time1 8 Hours
Genre: Horrific Horror
Energy Used: Energy 145
Blue Stars: BlueStar 90

Available Actions

Reward amounts are approximate.

Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
film scene Energy 1 Cash5 None
trip while trying to escape Energy 1 XP 1 BlueStar 1 Horrific Horrific
check the gate Energy 1 Cash 5 XP 1 BlueStar 10 Professional Professional
use everyday items as weapons Energy 2 Cash 5 XP 2 BlueStar 2 Horrific Horrific
hide from monster Energy 2 XP 3 BlueStar 1 Horrific Horrific
sound check Energy 2 Cash 5 XP 1 BlueStar 4 Film Tech Film Tech
practice screaming Energy 3 Cash 5 XP 2 BlueStar 3 Professional Professional
take one Energy 3 Cash 10 XP 1 BlueStar 1 None
check makeup Energy 4 Cash 15 XP 1 BlueStar 4 The Look The Look
take two Energy 5 Cash 10 XP 2 BlueStar 3 None
do a scene together Energy 5 Cash 10 XP 4 BlueStar 6 None
check corpse makeup Energy 6 Cash 20 XP 2 BlueStar 6 Horrific Horrific
take three Energy 7 Cash 15 XP 3 BlueStar 6 Professional Professional
throw tantrum Energy 8 XP 10 BlueStar 5 Dramatic Dramatic

That's a Wrap!
(You are rewarded based on the number of stars you score)

5 Star Rating: Cash+2403 XP+100

Goal Reward

Cash+75 XP+32

Following Goal

A Second Chance

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