This goal is a continuation of Publicity Stunts.

People Involved


Arnie will tell you that Hacker has made a change to the script. The film now centers around a boxer who gets wrapped up in a bank robbery and your character is now also German! You'll need to learn how to speak with a German accent. Hacker has already arranged for you to meet with a language, accent, and apparently, ventriloquism expert, Rosetta B. Bradley.

Zee Accent Training

Go to the Supercool Studios to talk to Rosetta who will tell you a bit about mastering an accent and will give you a set of tasks to complete.

Rosetta's Lesson

Note: This goal requires Energy11

  • Task "v" for "w" sound
  • Task learn about unlauts
  • Task simple pharses

Available Actions

Action Energy Cost Reward
"v" for "w" sound Energy3
learn about umlauts Energy2
simple phrases Energy6

After completing the required actions, will get a call from Arnie telling you that Hacker wants every cast member to learn boxing. Go back to Supercool Studios to start your training with ex-champ Earvander Tyson.

The Champ

Talk to Tyson who will compliment you on your show and will give you another set of tasks to complete.


Note: This goal requires Energy8

  • Task jab
  • Task hook
  • Task work the body

Available Actions

Action Energy Cost Reward
jab Energy2
hook Energy1
work the body Energy5

Training Complete

Speak to Arnie in his office,he will tell you The Break will start filming in 24 hours.

The Break

Read the script and head to Supercool Studios. When you have completed the audition, Hacker has a goal. This is a small favor that he asks of you.

Hacker fancies a snack. Pick him up a bite to eat!

Available Actions

Action Energy Cost Reward
pulled-pork sandwich Energy3 XP3

Note: The required action is near the counter on the right. Head back and give it to Edward Hacker.


The Break
(Property of Supercool Studio)

Line 1: He might be just a boxer...

Line 2: But he'll stop the bank robbers. I mean... at least he's not a dentist.

Goal rewards

Zee Accent Training Cash+5 XP+2

Rosetta's Lesson Cash+5 XP+3

Following Goal

Small-time Interview