This goal follows I Thee Wed. When getting married for the second time you will not get the previous goals.

People Involved


Charlene tells you to pick out a nice outfit and get married! Go to LA International and pick your destination. (Tahiti is called Island Wedding.)

When getting married for the second time, your Fiancè will ask you where you would like to get married.

  • Task Fly to Vegas/Tahiti; get married!
  • Task Speak to your fiancé at the ceremony


Your Fiancé - The Big Day Second Time
I can't wait anymore; I'm so excited to get married!

Speech Me too!

So, where should we get married?
1. Speech Vegas! Cash3000
2. Speech Tahiti! Star50
3. Speech (Decide Later.)

1. Vegas, hey? Well, I guess the important thing is we get married, not where it happens.
Speech That's right.

So, I'll meet you in Vegas. I can't wait to see what you'll be wearing.
Speech Can't wait!

2. ?

3 ?

Your Fiancé - Wedding

Tahiti Wedding

So it's really happening!
Speech Yes.

It's like a dream come true.
Speech I know.

Everything is just perfect.
Speech Good

Vegas Wedding

So, we're really going through with this?
Speech Yes.

It's like a dream come true, although in my dreams there weren't so many slot machines around.
Speech Oh.

But I still love it.
Speech Good.

Goal Reward

Tahiti (First time): Cash+109 XP+33

Vegas (Second time): Cash+220 XP+49

Following Goal

(End of Wedding Arc.)

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