Syd Cooper
Gender Male
List A-List A-List
Occupation Rock Star

Syd Cooper comes onto the scene as part of Meet Syd Cooper, where Charlene, tells you he is a fan of yours and thinks it would be a good idea for you two meet. Later, you get to hang out with him at Wasted or The Black Widow.

Syd's appearance differs between players.

Background Trivia

Syd Cooper is a mega rock star who has great respect for you as a fellow artist and has a desire to work with you in the future. His favorite restaurant is The Speak Easy Co. in New York and he has a summer mansion filled with knights in armour and chests of gold fit for a kind of rock n' roll. Cooper, certainly likes to party hard! Rock on!

Related Goals

Meet Syd Cooper Black Widow Beats Rock Vegas
Doin' It Live Syd In NY The Rolling Stone


Meet Syd Cooper
(Your Name)? Right on! I wasn't expecting to see you here. Did my manager set this up?

Hey, you were wicked righteous in -. A true artist can spot a kindred soul, you know what I mean?
1. Speech Totally! Energy10
2. Speech Yeah! You rock, too! Energy

1. Check out that sod, (Rival). That bag of gas is trying so hard to get in my spotlight. Bet he/she couldn't even name one of my songs!

Hey, you know what... why don't you get in here for a picture with me! Watch (Rival) turn red!
Speech (Pose for a picture.)

Nice! Listen, I'm in town for the night. Let's hang out somewhere after this photo shoot rubbish is done with.

KNow any cool places to hang out around here? Where should we go? This is your town... I'll trust your choice.
a. Speech (Wasted.)
b. Speech (Club Black Widow.)

b. Club Black Widow? Sounds hardcore! I'll see you there tonight.
Speech See you there, Syd!

Black Widow Beats
Hey (Your Name), I don't know about this place... Not my kind of scene, you know? Are those... Euro beats?

1. Speech Give it a chance! Energy10
2. Speech Let's go to Wasted? Energy10

2. Nah, I've lost the mood to party... Maybe we'll party another day... Just... not here.

That's alright...I'm just not sure why you thought I'd like this place. I'm out of here... I've got a flight to catch...
Speech Okay...

Rock Vegas
(Your Name)! Welcome to Vegas, baby! The party never ends here, so I hope you had a nice power nap on the flight over. Whoo!

1. Speech(Party with Syd.) Energy5
2. Speech (Come back later.)

1. You're wicked cool for coming all the way to Vegas to party with me... You know, I think it's about time we worked together!
Speech Sounds great!

I'm actually here in Vegas to do a live concert recording. It's gonna be smashing. I want you up there on stage rockin' it with me!
Speech I'm in!

Right on! I'll have my manager send your agent the set list so you can learn the lyrics.

The concert will be filmed live for a music video, so make sure you look rockin' at the show!
Speech (Wait 8 hrs.) Speech (Start concert now!) Star16

Doin' It Live
Put your hands together everyone... You're in for really special treat tonight!

This is my good friend (Your Name). You know him/her from ... but tonight, you'll know him/her as a ROCK STAR!
1.Speech (Rock out.) Energy5
2.Speech (come back later.)

Syd In NY
(Your Name)! Glad you could make it! After your AWESOME performance at my concert in Vegas, you deserve to eat like a rock star!

Tell me you felt that energy off the crowd washing through you when we were on stage... It's always a thrill. The crowd loved you!
1.Speech We rock together! Energy15
2.Speech (Come back later.)

1. That's what I'm saying. It's too bad you're busy with acting... I'd love to have you come on tour with me…

We'll always have Vegas... Now let's make this a celebration to remember... Let's blow the roof off this restaurant! PARTY ON, EVERYONE!
Speech (Party hard.)

It's been rad collaborating and partying with you, (Your Name). I think in another life, we might have formed the ultimate rock band…

I have a feeling this won't be the last time we rock together. I'll have my manager call your agent. For now... let's enjoy the night...
Speech (Party all night.)

The Rolling Stone
This set is wild! It's just like my summer mansion. An epic castle with knights armor and chests of gold fit for a king of rock n' roll.

I'm gonna miss partying with ya, (Your Name). You're a true rock n' roller!
Speech You too, Syd!

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