Suzanne Straits
Suzanne Straits
Gender Female
List A-List A-List
Occupation Director

Suzanne Straits comes first comes onto the scene as part of Meet Suzanne Straits, where she claims Hollywood actors are puppets. However, while she does think this, she understands that it's not very nice but wants you to star in her improv movie, Rebel Hearts.

Suzanne's appearance varies between players.

Background Trivia

Suzanne Straits is a hot indie film director who regularly speaks about how Hollywood actors are spoiled, pretty little puppets rather than artists.

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Meet Suzanne Straits
Hi (Your Name), what's up? Let me guess… You've heard how I'm such a rebel in Hollywood, badmouthing spoiled Hollywood celebrities, right?

1. Speech Yep. Not very nice. Energy 10
2. Speech I agree with you! Energy 10
3. Speech (Come back later.)

1. No, it's not! But I'm not trying to make a career of being nice. These days, I look at the Hollywood industry and everything is just so… fake!

Sure, it's all make believe, but I want to give audience a breath of fresh air with some raw, unscripted talent at work.
Speech Unscripted?

Unscripted. Like, there's no script! The actors of my first big "Hollywood" film will prove their talents through improvisation!

Instead of a script, they'll get nothing more than a bit of direction and a brief character background. The rest, will be up to the artists to create!
Speech Wow. Sounds cool!

So what do you say, you want to shake up the Hollywood formula? Want to star in my experimental improvised film, Rebel Hearts?
Speech Totally!

You won't regret it. But before I can give you the lead role, I'll need you to impress me with some acting chops.

And I don't mean any Hollywood rubbish with some plot and characters formulated to appeal to the lowest common denominator…

I'm talking about the true passion pieces. Starring in a couple truly romantic films could convince me you deserve the lead in Rebel Hearts. Deal?
1. Speech Deal!
2. Speech (Charm for audition.) Star 48

Hi (Your Name), I'm impressed with your recent work and I think you're ready to start in my experimental improvised film, Rebel Hearts!

Speech Awesome!

I'll have a script outline sent to your agent. You'll just have to prove you understand the character well enough to improvise the rest of the lines.

Once we're filming, you're all on your own! Shooting for Rebel Hearts begins in 24 hours at Golden Gate films. See you there!
1. Speech (Wait 24h.)
2. Speech Start filming now! Star48

Rebel Hearts
I hope you can improvise some romantic lines, because I want this film to feel genuine to the audience, not like some contrived Valentine's card!

Speech I'm totally romantic!

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