Summer Thyme
Gender Female
List A-List A-List
Occupation Movie Star
Summer comes onto the scene in Summer Time.

Her looks may vary from game to game.

Background Trivia

Summer usually hangs out at the beach and always knows what's up.

Related Goals


Summer Time
Hey, you're Gadget's friend, right. The real kook?

Speech Excuse me.

You know, a kook. A gremlin. A beginner.
Speech Oh.

But I see you want to get in the soup. And I can dig that. Well, you're one lucky puppy. I know of a movie coming up that you can get a piece of. It's a sweet little number called Where's The Beach? A part in this picture should help you to walk the walk.
1. Speech Start filming now! Star2
2. Speech Wait 1 hr.

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