Stephen/Stephanie Lewis
Gender Female/Male
List Varies
Occupation Varies

Stephen/Stephanie Lewis come onto the scene after Making Amends, where they will ask you out on a date. You have the choice to decline or accept their invitation.

Their rank and occupation may vary between players. Meanwhile their appearance and names will be the same dependant on whether you are playing as a Star or a Starlet.

NOTE: If you accepted the invitation but left the apartment, there is no way of getting back in.

Background Trivia

Stephen/Stephanie Lewis is a your Rival's ex, who's relationship with them was on the rocks. They find you attractive and think you are nice... unlike your Rival.

Related Goals


After Making Amends
Hey... (Your Name)?

Speech Yes...
Hi! I'm Stephen/Stephanie. I'm... going out with (Rival). We were supposed to meet for dinner three hours ago, but it looks like she forgot. I can't get through on her cell, either.
Speech Oh...
I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but I guess you two are friends or whatever now. We've been on the rocks lately, and I think we've all but broken up. Anyway, I don't want to babble, but I think you're attractive and, unlike (Rival), you seem... nice. Would you maybe want to have dinner with me at my place? Like... a date?
1. Speech (Go on date.)
2. Speech (Decline.) XP+2

1.Great! And I'm going to tell Rival that I am done with him/her. We're through!

Speech Okay.

2. Well... I thought I'd ask. I'd have regretted not doing so!
Speech Awkward!

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