Stacy Sitwell
Gender Female
List F-List F-List
Occupation Receptionist

Stacy Sitwell will be sitting behind her desk in reception of Maximillian Prescott Bling Talent located in The Hills.

Background Trivia

Stacy Sitwell is Max Bling's receptionist and right hand lady at Bling Talent Agency. Sitwell helps Max with the day to day running of the agency in-between her never-ending telephone conversations. She also arranges the scripts on her desk, ready for your arrival at the office. 

Related Goals


Free Agent
Welcome to Bling Talent Agency. Oh! (Your Name)! I loved you in ! How can we help you?

1. Speech representation
2. Speech nothing for now

1. Fantastic! You can head right on in to Mr. Bling's office.
Speech ok

Maximillian Prescott Bling Talent
When Represented by Max Bling

Hello, (Your Name)! Max is in his office, busy trying to line up the next.
You can go right in, otherwise I'm sure he'll call when he's got something urgent. Good luck!
Speech thanks

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