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So Syd Cooper wasn't in the mood to party! Do not fear! Your agent has come up with a plan to get back in with rock star! Coincidentally, one of Syd's friends is directing an indie movie in town! There's no buzz about the film meaning it's likely destined to fail. Unless, you take a pay cut and star in the film to generate some buzz, you could save the movie and Syd would be grateful...

You can wait 12 hours for the script or start filming immediately costing Star24


Sour Note
(Property of Supercool Studio)

Line 1: The sound was inescapable. It followed me everywhere I went...

Line 2: A sour note played my mind, echoing with every word I spoke.

Time Limit: Time1 12 Hours
Genre: Dramatic Drama
Energy Cost: Energy 163
Blue StarsBlueStar 144

Available Actions
Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
film scene Energy 1 Cash5 None
check the gate Energy 1 Cash5 XP1 BlueStar10 ProfessionalProfessional
dramatic pause Energy 2 XP3 BlueStar1 Dramatic Dramatic
grab prop Energy 2 Cash5 XP1 BlueStar2 TV TechTV Tech
dramatically lean on bookcase Energy 3 Cash5 XP2 BlueStar3 Dramatic Dramatic
take a break Energy 4 Cash15 XP 1 BlueStar4 VanityVanity
take two Energy 5 Cash10 XP2 BlueStar3 None
do a scene together Energy 5 Cash10 XP4 BlueStar4 Energy1 None
take three Energy 7 Cash15 XP3 BlueStar6 ProfessionalProfessional
throw tantrum Energy 8 XP10 BlueStar5 DramaticDramatic
practice subtle looks Energy 8 Cash30 XP1 BlueStar7 The LookThe Look
tear-filled ending Energy 12 Cash25 BlueStar11 DramaticDramatic

That's a Wrap!
Sour Note will premiere in 12:00:00.

(You are rewarded based on the number of stars you score)

5 Star Rating: Cash+2628 XP+150
+2,474,992 fans

Goal Reward

Cash+96 XP+144

Following Goal

Rock Vegas

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