This goal follows Charlene's Office or New PR.

People Involved


Charlene is impressed by your performance, and comments that though that it is good, your Rival would be able to hurt you in terms of your fame. She tells you that Carl Knox is having a party at Club Spaceman. She requests for you to

When speaking to the bouncer, he asks whether your name is on the list. You can either answer:

  • Speech I need to get in.
  • Speech Yes. Star 5

If you said I need to get in to him, he will ask you for a favor to talk to a girl he likes and give her his number. You will have to finish the goal Doorman Favor before completing this one.

Saying yes will get you XP15 and you get to enter immediately under your rival's name.

After entering the club, speak to Carl Knox. You can either:

  • Speech (Introduce yourself.)
  • Speech Of course! Star5

If you Introduced yourself, you will have to do extra projects after Opportunity Knox.

If you said Of course!, you will only have to film one show after Opportunity Knox.

Goal Reward


Following Goals

Did Not Charm Bryce: Doorman Favor
Opportunity Knox

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