This goal is a continuation of The Break.

People Involved



Meet Charlene at her office and she tells you that you're not ready for the big leagues yet, (talk shows and interviews with semi famous media personalities), but she wants to get you onto Ray Powers' Starnews. Charlene informs you that Powers will be busy interviewing Cassandra Skillings, the star of The Break, but his apprentice, Trevor Brinksley, won't be. Charlene has booked you in for an interview with Brinksley at The Silver Shellfish at The Coast, her advice is to play nice and answer his questions.

Small-time Interview

Note: Proceeding to speak to Trevor Brinksley requires Energy8

Speak to Trevor and tell him that it's good to see him too. He'll ask you about Hacker.

You have the options:

  • Speechberate.
  • Speech glorify.
  • Speech no comment.

Brinksley will ask about Skillings with some choices. The final question is about how you think the movie turned out, you can be:

  • Speech modest.
  • Speech it's a masterpiece.
  • Speech no comment.

Goal Reward

Cash+20 XP+15

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