Simon Headley
Gender Male
List C-List C-List
Occupation Studio Head

Simon Headley comes onto the scene as part of Movin' on Up.

Background Trivia

Simon Headley is the studio head of Headley Studios who is known to be a powerful man that no one dares say “no” to.

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Movin' on Up
Cheers to you, (Your Name)! I do hope you are enjoying the party.

Speech Thanks!

Meeting Headley
Good evening, (Your Name)! Wonderful of you to stop by my humble abode before I sell it. I do apologize for the lack of furniture, but I'm having it stored away ti make some improvements before this place goes on the market. I must thank you for your work in Time Alien. It's a commercial and critical sucess... another one for me, of course.

Speech Thanks! Energy7
Speech (Come back later.)

You know, with that kind of success, it seems... and I do not wish to stick my nose where it is unwanted... that you could do better with... well, some new representation.
Speech What do you mean?
Well... your current representation Mr. Papadopoulos, while surely a decent man... despite his penchant for gambling... is ill-equipped to handle a star of your power. I believe you could benefit from someone with a little more sway in this town.
Speech Who?
Perhaps I have had one too many slips of scotch, but I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Marcia Shaw. I predict that, in a few short years, she will be the most powerful agent in this town... even more powerful than Mr. Bling.
Speech Oh...
Anyway, I wish not to interfere with your affairs, but Ms. Shaw asked if I would "put in a good word" for her, and I would be remiss if I did not. Oh! Is that Shirley Lemon? I have been meaning to have a word with her. You must excuse me, Alex. Please... enjoy the party, and look around; the entire house is open! We will speak again soon, I am sure.
Speech Okay.