Shirley Lemon
Gender Female
List E-List E-List
Occupation Set Designer

Shirley Lemon comes onto the scene as part of Making Lemonade, where you are invited to one of her parties.

Her apartment is located in The Neighborhood, next door to Arnie & Associates. After Social Butterfly, it will no longer be her apartment.

Background Trivia

Shirley Lemon is a Set Designer and is an acquaintance of Arnie's, who she claims reeks of aftershave and failure.

Lemon is also known for her "Lemon Parties" (it's just a name) that she throws in her apartment. She usually only invites people in the "biz" but makes a point to have at least one off-the-radar actor at them, to keep her in with the indie crowd.

Related Goals


Making Lemonade
(Your Name)! How wonderful of you to come! I half-expected Arnie to show up instead, reeking of aftershave and failure, but I'm glad he can deliver a message.

I make it a point to have at least one off-the-radar actor at my parties... keeps me in with the indie crowd, you know.

Oh! This is Marcus Rae; he's an assistant casting director, and I believe you've... um... "met" (Rival). I DO hope you two can be civil...
Speech I can...

Social Butterfly
Enjoy the party!

Speech Okay!

Throw drink at Rival: I don't know what you think goes on at my parties, but I can assure you that crass behavior and drink throwing are not it!
Speech (Leave quietly.)

Make amends with Rival: I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to meet you. Sounds like (Rival) might have had a little too much to drink... what with his yelling at you...
Speech he sure has.

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