Sandra Golari
Gender Female
List A-List A-List
Occupation Photographer

Sandra Golari comes onto the scene as part of The Same Chapter, where Sandra has requested to take some photos of you for her portfolio. You take part in the shoot in Picture Perfect by completing a series of actions.

Sandra Golari's appearance varies from game to game.

Background Trivia

Sandra Golari is a world-famous photographer who will only take pictures of "nicely" dressed celebrities, (nicely meaning expensive in Hollywood!). She is also featured in an exhibition at the Art Party Gallery in San Francisco.

Related Goals


The Same Chapter
Hey, (Name)! It's so nice to see you!

1. Speech Hi! Energy9
2. Speech (Come back later.)

1. You look great!

This is pretty informal. I just want to get a few shots to add to my portfolio, and maybe to put on display.

I'm going to be featured in an exhibition at an art gallery in San Francisco in a couple of weeks. The gallery is actually owned by Melinda Karddyna!
Speech Sounds good.

Let's get started...
Speech Okay.

Picture Perfect

Speech Thanks!

Thank you so much, (Your Name)! These are going to be wonderful! Maybe you could join me when I showcase my work in San Francisco?
Speech I could do that.

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