Robert Eger
Gender Male
List E-List E-List
Occupation Critic

Robert Eger comes onto the scene as part of How I Met Harrison when he asks you for a smoke. Later, Charlene arranges for you to meet Eger at The Silver Shellfish in The Coast, as part of Ear of the Eger.

Background Trivia

Robert Eger is a very influential film and television critic. Eger's reviews have been known to make or break some films, shows, and careers. People say that his opinion on a film can change depending on how lined his pockets are.

Charlene claims that he has the ear of Bryan Marchuk.

Related Goals


Publicity Stunts

How I Met Harrison

Hey... could I burn a smoke?
1. Speech(Anti-smoking rant.) Energy2
2. SpeechYes. Energy2
3. SpeechNo... sorry. Energy2
4. SpeechCome back later.)

1. What's your problem? If I didn't smoke before, I do now...
Speech(Leave quietly.)

2. Thanks! You're an actor, right? I'm Robert Eger... a film critic, by the way.
Speech(Introduce yourself.)
Oh! I have seen some of your work... good stuff. Maybe I'll get to review a film of yours some day. Until then... it was nice meeting you!
SpeechNice to meet you.

3. Oh... thanks anyway.
Speech No problem.

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