Robert/Roberta Abercrombie
Gender Male/Female
List E-ListE-List
Occupation Actor

You will first meet Robert/Roberta Abercrombie outside Wasted. They introduce their self as Robert/Roberta Smith, an old high school acquaintance who is new in town and looking for an agent... yours. 

Their appearance varies between players. Their names and gender will also vary depending on whether you are a Star or Starlet.

Background Trivia

Robert/Roberta Smith says to be an old acquaintance of yours from high school, who you knew as 'Robbie'. They claimed have sat in the front of all the classes because they were short.

Turns out Robert/Roberta Smith's true identity is Robert/Roberta Abercrombie, the child of famous director, Hampton Martin! They lied to you as they felt their father's status would have agents flocking to them for all the wrong reasons. Robert/Roberta Abercrombie wanted to make it on their own without the help of their father or his status attached to them.

Related Goals


It's Who You Know
Wait a second! Is that you, (Your Name)? It's me... Robert/Roberta Smith... remember?

Speech Who?

You know... little Robbie Smith. I was much shorter then. You've GOT to remember me. Remember high school? Remember I sat at the front of all the classes because I was so short?
1. Speech Oh... ROBBIE Smith.
2. Speech If you say so...

1 & 2. See, I KNEW you'd remember me after all the good times we had. Like that time at that thing. Those were good times. Good times.
Speech Oh... of course.

Well, anyway... it's great to run into you actually. I've just arrived in town. I was doing community theatre for a while, and the director said I was really talented. You know how it is. So anyway, she said I should try to make it big out here. Full disclosure: The director was my mom. She's always been really supportive. Anyway, I got on a bus, and here I am! I even picked out a stage name. Robbie Abercrombie. Doesn't it just say starr?
a. Speech Uh... sure.
b. Speech It rhymes...

a. Well... like I was saying, it's great I ran into you. I know we haven't seen each other in, you know, forever, but I was wondering if you could do me a favor.

b. Oh... it does? I hadn't even noticed. It IS great I ran into you! Listen, I know we haven't seen each other in, you know, forever, but I was wondering if you could do me a favor.

Sorry... I know... asking for something when I haven't even asked how you were doing. How ARE you? Wait... you're famous... you MUST be doing well, right? Oh, to be famous... which is really why I'm here. Do you think you could hook me up?
Speech Huh?

Oh, I mean with an agent... you always had SUCH a sense of humor! I heard that you use the agency in this neighborhood. Sounds like a great place to start. Though I have to say, Alex... I thought you would be represented by someone with fancier digs. But that's okay. Any foot in the door would help. So... can you help?
I. Speech Okay.
II. Speech Maybe.
III. Speech I don't think so.

I. That's great... just great. So... you won't mind dropping my name to your agent? Could you do it now? I saw a bar a ways over.

II. Hey, listen... I understand... it's a big thing to ask. You don't want to get tied up with a nobody now that you're in the big leagues, and it's not like I've got anything to give back to you. But let me just say this: If you do me this favor, I swear I'll pay you back somehow. No one can say that Robbie Abercrombie isn't good for her word. Of course, I only just became Robbie Abercrombie, so who knows what my word is good for? Never mind. I saw a bar nearby. I think it was called Wasted. I'm going to go take in some of the local color. How 'bout you meet me there later, and you can let me know if you said anything or not?
Speech Fine.

III. ?

Friendly Help
after talking to Arnie

Alex... my old friend. I can't tell you how fortunate I am to have run into you. It's always great to reconnect with someone from your past. Like the time we were in English class. I'm sure you remember.
1. Speech Go and see Arnie. Energy5
2. Speech I don't remember. Energy5
3. Speech (Come back later.)

1. Oh... here I am waxing nostalgic, and you are all business. You're the constant professional. It's why you've gotten to where you are. Now do you see why I wanted your help so badly?
Speech Absolutely.

Thanks so much. You know, I think we should celebrate with a drink. Would you mind buying me one? I swear I'll get you next time... once I get a job.
a. Speech Uh... fine. Cash10
b. Speech I don't think so.

a. "Salute," as they say. Thanks again, and now I'm off to see a real live agent... who wants to represent me!
Speech ...

b. ?

2. ?

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