Gender Male/Female
List Various
Occupation Actor/Actress

Your Rival first comes onto the scene as part of Making Ends Meet as the rude customer you have to apprehend on your shift. Later they have a public spat with Arnie after giving you a shoot at a commercial as part of Represented. It is from here that your rivalry begins.

Their names and hair styles are randomly generated but their appearances are the same for everyone depending on sex. Male characters have a male rival and female characters have a female rival. 

They have the exact same looks as the Friendly Actor/Actress. Depending on your gender, they too will alternate.

Background Trivia

They used to be Arnie's client until they fired him for giving you the commercial job. This is where your rivalry began and they set out to ruin your career by spreading lies throughout the story.

Related Goals

Making Ends Meet Looking the Part Day Job Represented Making Lemonade
Social Butterfly Spin Doctor The Big Break Big Romance Rival Small Romance Rival
Get Around A Forceful Premiere Widow Maker Pay It Forward Business of Show
Method Act Part 3 Wasting Time The Scarlet Avenger II The Scarlet Avenger III


Making Ends Meet
Ugh. What does it take to get some service around here?

Speech (Ignore them.)

Looking the Part
You work here? Why am I not surprised? Are you going to take my order or what?

Speech I haven't started yet.

Figures. I guess that's explains why your stupid friend behind the counter looks like he's waiting for you.
1. Speech (Ignore him/her.) XP+1
2. Speech He's not stupid!

2. Whatever. Why am I even talking to this nobody if they're not getting me coffee?
Speech (Ignore him/her.) XP+1

Day Job
Give me a tall venti Parisian blend. I want it black...but with double cream and sugar.

1. Speech Okay... BlueStar+3
2. Speech Is that possible? BlueStar+6

1. Today! Some of us are celebrities with social lives and have parties to get ready for...
Speech ...

2. OMG! Just do it! Some of us are celebrities with social lives and have parties to get ready for...
Speech ...

Foot in the Door
Ugh, I guess they just let ANYONE in that place... unless... do you work at Wasted as well?

Have a dry martini with lots of vermouth ready for me by the time I get back. Here's the money...

1. Speech (Take the money.) Cash +3
2. Speech (Leave.) XP +1

WTF, Arnie? (Friendly Actor) told me you got this Starbeans nobody that commercial! I thought you were my agent!


That was before I knew I couldn't have it! You know what? You two losers can keep your little commercial gigs. YOU'RE FIRED!
1. Speech (Calm him/her down.)
2. Speech (Tell him/her off.)

Whatever. I'll land that movie role with my NEW agent Max. He's been telling me to dump your for months. So long, losers!
Speech ...

Making Lemonade
Excuse me! I'm about to talk to somebody important...

Speech ...

Social Butterfly
As IF! As IF you're trying to talk to me right now! I'm practically famous and you're practically... always annoying.

I hope you have a family so that when I say "I hope your family hates you," it hurts. Oh, and don't think for a second that I don't know why you're really here.

You can forget about that part in The Big Screen; I got to Marcus first - it's practically mine.
1. Speech (Make amends.)
2. Speech (Throw drink.)

1. It's too late to try to play nice with me. I'm not going to rest until I drown you in enough bad publicity to see you crying on a park bench somewhere... because... because that's where you sleep!

Because... you're jobless and therefore homeless... and... I had more...
Speech Right...

2. Are you crazy? I'm SOAKED and my clothing probably costs more than... than... you!

I am SO going to drown you in bad publicity!
Speech Here's a napkin...

Opportunity Knox

"But... you can't!" Get away from me.

(After talking to Drew Cutestory)

I didn't know Starbeans delivered... LOL.
Speech Up for the dentist?

OMG! I wasn't even finished talking! And yeah, what's it to you?
Speech I am, too.

No way! Who did you bl... how did you manage that? I don't even care! I'll show you how real acting is done; I'd suggest not doing whatever it is you thought you were doing in Hawaii Po'.
1. (Leave quietly.)
2. (Insult him/her.) Energy3

2. Eff! You started that rumor, didn't you? I don't PAY for anything! Well... food, and stuff... yeah.
Speech Sure...

Publicity Stunts
Thanks so much for meeting me, (Your Name)!

1. SpeechWhat do you want? Energy3
2. Speech(Come back later.)

1. I know we've gotten off on the wrong foot, and I totally wanted to apologize for our public spats in the past. I've just been having a rough go. I mean, I didn't even get a part in The Break. I hear you did, though...
a. SpeechYes.
b. Speech(Rub it in.)

a. Well, good for you! Anyway, I just wanted to apologize to you, and here it is: I'm sorry.
A. Speech(Accept apology.)
B. Speech(Don't accept.)

A. Thank you! I'm glad that you can be as mature as I clearly was when I asked you to come here... in public... to talk. Well... bye!

B. Perfect! I... I mean... that's too bad. I'm sorry you feel that way and wouldn't accept a heart-felt apology... here... in public. Well... bye!
Speech Okay...

b. I'm just trying to put the past behind us... here... in public, but it's obvious that you can't! I'm sorry you feel that way...

Big Romance Rival & Small Romance Rival
Hi, (Your Name)...

Speech What do you want?

I just wanted you to know that I'm dating someone who's totally HOT - and I'm not even paying them to! We're here on a totally hot vacation.
Speech That's nice...

Shut up! I KNOW it is... for me. How's your love life? I bet you're lonely, sit at home a lot...
Speech I do not!

Ha! Right! Why don't you prove it? Think you can go on more dates than I can in the next 3 days?

I'll give you some cash so you can buy some better clothes if you can...
What do you say? How many dates can you go on in 3 days?
1. Speech One.
2. Speech Four.
3. Speech Seven!

2 & 3. Four/Seven dates in three days? If you think so. Better get calling all of your fake "lovers" now.
Speech (Leave quietly.)

Get Around
Pfft... so, you did it? Big deal!

Speech My money…

Ugh. Here it is...
Speech More like it...

A Forceful Premiere
I was hoping I'd catch you here...

Speech Why are you here?

To tell you off. The role for Force of Five should've been mine! You must of cheated!

I want the WHOLE WORLD to know!
1. Speech (Push her/him.)
2. Speech (Call for security.)

2. Of course! Call for help!
Speech (Leave quietly.)

Widow Maker
Look who it is!

1. Speech What do you want? Energy14
2. Speech (Come back later.)

1. From you? NOTHING. I'm here to be the fresh face of The Black Widow, and I'm doing it while lookin' good!
Speech Is that...

Yeah, it is! Just IGNORE the vomit on my shirt! Let me guess: you're here for the same thing? Ha! Good luck with that, loser.

I happen to know the owner just wants to see who spends more money here, and I KNOW you don't have the bank to back you up like I do...
Speech You have a mortgage?

Shut up! I totally don't have that many mortgages! I meant bank as in cold, hard cash.

Tell you what: we'll each pick a random person and pay their tab for them. If you can actually afford the tab, I'll leave right now.
Speech Deal.

Pay It Forward
Ugh. I didn't want this stupid endorsement deal anyway...

Speech Sure you didn't...

The Big Break
(Your Name)? I can't imagine what you had to do to get in here looking like that. I guess I'll read about in the tabloids…

1. Speech Oh great, you again? Energy 5
2. Speech What do you want? Energy 5
3. Speech (Come back later.)

2. Oh I've already gotten what I want… If you're here to see Roman Marlo, you're too late. He's already seen all he needs to see. ME.
1. Speech (Insult Rival.)
2. Speech Whatever…

2. Don't act like you don't care! You know I'm better than you… and I'm the one with a role in Roman Marlo's next film! You lose, loser!
Speech (Leave.)

Business of Show
Wow! Look who's here to ruin my day. Hey, (Your Name), let me buy you a drink... or maybe just throw one at you. Kidding! Almost.

Speech Right…

Let me guess: You're here because you don't want me making more money than you for Oscar Mike, right? And it just bums you up inside. LOL. I want an additional $1,500 and I'm going to get it... from your share. Oh! And top billing…
1. Speech (Offer top billing)
2. Speech (Offer Nothing.)

1. That's a start... but I still want MY $1,500...
a. Speech (Charm her.) Star1
b. Speech (Offer $1,500.)
c. Speech (Offer $1,300.)
d. Speech (Offer $1,250.)
e. Speech (Offer $1,000.)
f. Speech (Offer nothing.)

a. ?

b. Well, I guess... GUESS... I can accept that. Fine. Deal. Ugh. Just get away from me.
Speech Okay.

Oh! One more thing: I would have done it for $1,250. Well... so long!
Speech (Leave quietly.)

c. ?

d. Well, I guess... GUESS... I can accept that. Fine. Deal. Ugh. Just get away from me.
Speech Okay.

e. ?

f. ?

2.  ?

Method Act Part 3
Wait a second! What are you doing here?

1. Speech Why are YOU here? Energy8
2. Speech (Come back later.)

1. Because Flannery sent me here. Apparently, he sent you as well. I was supposed to buy a drink for someone.
Speech Me, too.
Do you know what this means?
Speech I think so.
We buy drinks for each other.
Speech Yep.
What horrible mind games is this Edmund Flannery trying to put us through? He is evil. I can't work like this. I will never, ever, buy you a drink... though I have to say that I could use one.
Speech (Buy her a drink.)
Why, thank you. I sure... oh, no! You did it. You win whatever horrible contest we are playing here. You will rue this day, (Your Name)... rue it!
Speech Of course. Cash+10 XP+10

Wasting Time
I'm honestly amazed you even showed up. Alright look (Your Name), you don't like me and I don't like you…

1. Speech Yep! Energy 5
2. Speech I like you... Energy 5
3. Speech Get to the point... Energy 5
4. Speech (Come back later.)

1. ??

2. ??

3. Just shut up and listen, would you? I just heard the lead role in The Scarlet Avenger is down to just you and me. I really want that role.
Speech So?

So? So it means a lot to me and I want you to just be cool and drop out of the running for the lead role!
Speech No way!

Here I am, trying to be nice to you… and there you are being a jerk as always. What a waste of time! Whatever. May the better actor win!
Speech Oh, I will. Bye!

The Scarlet Avenger II
Surprise, (Your Name)! I may not have gotten the role of the Scarlet Avenger... but I get to be your nemesis! Fitting isn't it?

By the way, have you read the script yet? I get to kick your butt around the city! Muhahahaha, I'm going to enjoy this...
Speech Oh, great...

The Scarlet Avenger III
Yeah, yeah. I know... I read the script. This time, you get to kick my butt all over my character's home dimension. Let's just get this over and done with...

Speech (Smile and nod.)

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