Ray Powers
Gender Male
List D-List D-List
Occupation News Anchor

Ray Powers first comes on to scene as part of the tutorial Turn on the TV where he announces the auditions at KTV Studio for a commercial. You meet Ray on several occasions throughout the game for interviews, promotions and gossip. Make sure you don't do anything stupid or else you'll be sure Powers will be there to deliver the bad publicity resulting in loss of fans.

If you connect your game via Twitter and follow Ray Powers, you can take part in the limited time Ray Powers interviews to earn extra Cashcash and XPXP. Make sure to check his twitter account regularly for interviews as they are only available for 1 hour. Charlene will call when he is ready for you.

Background Trivia

Ray Powers is a News Anchor for Star News and host of the Powers Program. Powers seems to only care about famous celebrities and pushes the less famous onto his assistant, Trevor Brinksley, who is a dead ringer of himself! This along with being voted Best Looking Celeb, shows Ray is incredibly vain.

After completing certain films, you have the chance to appear on the Power Program, where Ray will ask you some questions about the film. Powers will also be on the red carpet to greet you at the STAR Awards.

Related Goals

Introduction Studio Time Pressing Publicity Tour A Foreign Affair Frosty - Part II
Lucky Star Plugging Away Rebel Hearts Ripper Toonworld


Dialogue is logged alphabetically by goal title.

Frosty - Part II
Welcome everyone to the Powers Program, I'm your host Ray Powers. Today's guest is (Your Name), star of the new two-part animated blockbuster, Frosty.

Creative partners Sami Pizzicatti and Shiro Liu are notoriously picky about choosing the actors they work with for their animated epics.

Tell us, (Your Name), what was it like to work on Frosty with Sami and Shiro?
Speech Great! They're lovely! Energy 3
Speech (Come back later.)

(Your Name), not only did Sami co-write Frosty but she also directed the motion capture work for both parts of the film. Did you do your own stunts?

1. Speech Yep! All of them!
2. Speech It's mostly CGI... Cash+50 XP+5

2. Tell me, when you're fighting those ice monsters, is there someone with you in the motion capture room or do you have to use your imagination?
a. Speech Imagination is key! Cash+50 XP+5
b. Speech Real ice monsters.

a. That sounds like a lot of fun and an easy way to win a battle. Rest assured everyone, no imaginary ice monsters were harmed in the making of this movie!
b. ??

Just like Frosty, this interview is so big we had to break it in two parts! Stay tuned everyone, we'll be right back after a quick commercial break!
Speech (Smile at audience.)

And we're back with (Your Name), star of the brand new two-part animated epic, Frosty, from co-creators Sami Pizzicatti and Shiro Liu!

(Your Name), Shiro co-wrote Frosty I & II, but I believe she also directed your voice over work and you two actually had a few duets together!
Speech That's right Energy 3
Speech (Come back later.)

Well I have to say, the songs were very catchy. They really get stuck in your head! Do you find yourself still humming or singing the songs?
Speech Oh, all the time!

Well you two sounded wonderful together! Any chance you could grace the audience with a solo performance from Frosty?

1. Speech Absolutely! Cash+50 XP+5
2. Speech How about two songs?

1. That sounds fantastic! Why don't you close the show with your song as we wrap today's episode. Thank you everyone, be sure to go see Frosty Part I and Part II!
Speech (Perform song.)

A Foreign Affair
Hello everyone and welcome to the Powers Program! I'm your host Ray Powers and joining me today is (Your Name). Welcome to the show! How are you?

Speech I'm feeling great! Energy 3
Speech (Come back later.)

Good to hear! You're fresh off the set of A Foreign Affair based on the true story of how Hank Watkinson and his wife fell in love…

There's a lot of early buzz about the film. Do awards matter or are you more in it for the craft?

1. Speech The craft comes first. Cash+50 XP+4
2. Speech I want awards!

1. Well it's definitely nice to hear you're passionate about your craft and it shows! Do you think Hank was a better writer or director?
a. Speech Writer.
b. Speech Director.

a. Well I hope he continues to write in the future! That's all the time we have for tonight, thanks for coming to the show. It's always great to have you!
Speech My pleasure!

b. ??

2. ??
Today, you have fame, fortune, and a string of award-winning films under your belt, but our viewers would love to know: How did you get your start?

Lucky Star

After speaking to Bugsy Capone

(Your Name), thank you for coming here to meet us.
Speech You're welcome.

You got to star in Jackie Woo's first American movie. Where you a fan of his work before?

1. Speech Of course. Energy 2
2. Speech No.

1. So how was it working with him?
a. Speech A dream.
b. Speech A nightmare.

a. I bet. Well, it shows in your work.

b. ??

2. ??

Before you go I wanted to ask, I saw you talking with famed gangster Bugsy Capone outside the casino. Are you two acquainted?
Speech No.

Oh, well a word of advice, I'd be careful to keep him on your good side.
Speech Thanks.

Plugging Away
(YourName)! Ray Powers... SUCH a pleasure to finally meet you!

Speech We've already met.
Speech (Come back later.)

Oh, good! I LOVE knowing famous people. You know how it is. Anyway, on to Time Alien: Early reviews have been strong, with most critics saying that this could lead to an award nomination for you, and early ticket sales indicating that you have a hit on your hands. Did you forsee the film's getting this sort of reception?

1. Speech Of course!
2. Speech (Be modest.)

1. A frank and honest answer! Well... I hope you don't have your expectations too high! Or... I hope you win! Hampton Martin has described you as "a great actor, mostly because of my direction. Great nevertheless, though."

2. So... modest! It'll be difficult to be modest about this: Hampton Martin has described you as "a great actor, mostly because of my direction. Great nevertheless, though."

How is your working relationship with Mr. Martin?

1. Speech Great!
2. Speech (Berate Hampton.)

1. Speaking of relationships, you were spotted with (Rival), and sources say she tried to give you a phony apology for the feud between you two.

b. Wow! So, the feeling is not so mutual between you two? Let's hope you sort it out before the inevitable sequel, huh? Speaking of relationships, you were spotted with (Rival), and sources say she tried to give you a phony apology for the feud between you two.

What exactly is her/his problem? Is it something that will be defined in the next DSM?

1. Speech (Berate (Rival).)
2. Speech (Be polite.)

1. That would explain the mood swings. Well, thanks for your time, (Your Name), and best of luck with Time Alien.
Speech Thanks.

2. It's good of you to take the high road... unlike (Rival).

Well, thanks for your time, (YourName), and best of luck with Time Alien.
Speech Thanks.

(Your Name), thank you for meeting me.

I wanted to talk to you about the upcoming remake of A Love Tale. Are you a fan of the original?
1. Speech Yes. Energy 9
2. Speech No. Energy 9

1 & 2. Do you think this film will respect the source material?
a. Speech (Defend director.)
b. Speech (Be honest.)

a & b. Interesting. Well, thank you for your candor I'm sure our viewers will be interested in your opinion.
Speech Thank you.

Publicity Tour
(Your Name), good to see you again. How are you feeling about the release of One Last Job?
1. Speech A bit nervous. Energy10 XP+?
2. Speech Calm. Energy10

3. Speech (Come back later.)

1. Well, who could blame you? This is a new chapter in your career, after all. What do you want audiences to take away from this film?
a. Speech A life lesson. XP+?
b. Speech My art!

a. A truly noble goal that any filmmaker would love to achieve. Last question: Would you direct again?
i. Speech I'd need a script. XP+20
ii. Speech I love being a boss!

i. Well... hopefully, one will come along! Good luck tonight!
Speech Thanks. XP+10

ii. ??

b. ??

2. ??

Rebel Hearts
Welcome to the Powers Program! I'm your host Ray Powers and joining me today is (Your Name), star of Rebel Hearts!

Speech (Wave to fans.) Energy3
Speech (Come back later.)

(Your Name), Rebel Hearts was filmed in a rather unorthodox fashion: by having the actors completely improvise their lines…

What was it like working completely without a script? I imagine for an actor that was a bit like walking a tightrope with no net...

1. Speech It was liberating Cash+50 XP+5
2. Speech It was difficult!

1. Well let me tell you, you made it look easy! Truly wonderful job.

Given the amount of dialogue you improvised, quite well might I add, do you think you'll ever turn to writing in the future?

1. Speech Maybe one day! Cash+50 XP+5
2. Speech No way!

1. Well, I think we'd all love to see you give it a go sometime! Well folks, that's out time for tonight…

2. ??

Be sure to check out Rebel Hearts, and we'll see you next time! GOODNIGHT!
Speech (Wave goodbye.)

Welcome to the Powers Program! I'm your host Ray Powers. My guest today is (Your Name), star of the new crime drama, Ripper!

Speech (Wave to crowd.) Energy 3
Speech (Come back later.)

Ripper is a modern day take on the story of Jack the Ripper, in which you play Detective Abberline. How was it to take on Jack the Ripper?

1. Speech Pretty disturbing!
2. Speech Honestly? I had fun! Cash+50 XP+5

1. ??

2. I can only imagine. The movie starts off suspenseful and keeps you on the edge of your seat! This film is not for the faint of heart…

If you hadn't become an actor, do you think you could have become a homicide detective?

1. Speech I don't think so...Cash+50 XP+5
2. Speech Absolutely!

1. I don't blame you! Well folks that's our time for tonight. Check out the new crime drama Ripper, if you dare, and have a good night!
Speech Bye everyone!

2. ??

Starfly III
Welcome to the Powers Program! I'm your host Ray Powers and joining me today is (Your Name), also known as Captain Sky Wyatt of the Starfly!

Speech (Wave to fans.) Energy 3
Speech (Come back later.)

Now (Your Name), I heard they built an entire star ship for the shooting set of Starfly What did you think the first time you saw the ship?

1. Speech Shiny! Cash+50 XP+5
2. Speech Looks expensive!

1. Haha, I bet it was pretty impressive!

2. ??

Being the captain, your character had to make all the tough calls! Do you think you could be the captain of a starship?

a. Speech Of course!
b. Speech No way! Cash+50 XP+5

a. ??

b. I don't blame you, but your fans might disagree! Well folks, that's our time for tonight...

Be sure to check out the Starfly trilogy and we'll see you next time! GOODNIGHT!
Speech (Wave goodbye.)

Studio Time (less than B-list)

(Your Name), right? That's fantastic! Unfortunately, I'm waiting for someone a little more... um... famous to talk to. Why don't you go ahead and talk to my assistant-slash-protege Trevor Brinksley. He's really good at pretending to care about what the non-famous thing and say!
Speech (Leave quietly.)

Studio Time (B-List+)
(Your Name)! What brings you here? Can you give me any hot stories or gossip... maybe about your feud with Rival... to report on?
1. Speech (Gossip about Rival.) XP+5
2. Speech (Talk about yourself.)

1. Really? Wow! Thanks for chatting with me!
Speech No problem!

2. The Break, huh? Best of luck when that starts filming! Thanks for chatting with me!
Speech No problem!

And we're back! My last guest tonight is (Your Name), star of the brand new MOSTLY animated film, Toonworld! (Your Name), this is Mya Pinelli's second story and it's already set to become a huge success. What was it like working with Mya?

Speech Wonderful! Cash+50 XP+5

In Toonworld you play the role of Morgan Quinn. In the entire movie, you're the ONLY character that isn't animated...

What was it like acting with a completely animated cast of characters?
Speech It was fun!

I'm glad to hear that! I know a lot of actors refuse to work with imaginary characters, but I guess you've got a powerful imagination!

Mya Pinelli's Harriet Potter story spawned many sequels. Would you like to see Toonworld become a series as well? Would you do a sequel?

1. Speech Absolutely! Cash+50 XP+5
2. Speech Probably not.

1. I guess we'll see what the future holds, but I can tell your fans would already love to see you in a sequel to Toonworld!
2. ??

Well everyone, that's all for today's episode. Thank you and be sure to go see Toonworld at a theater near you!
Speech (Wave goodbye.)



Announcements are logged alphabetically by goal title.

Arm Candy

(Rival) sat down with me to talk about her relationship while throwing in som harsh words for the cast if Hawaii Po'... saying, "That show sucks! The acting (especially that frightened eyewitness) is terrible. Also... it sucks!"

-225 fans

The Arrival

(Your Name) is looking good in her upcoming spread in G.L.A.M.M. Check for it on newsstands soon!

+749,992 fans

Calling Dr. Lee (Killed Off Character)
STARNEWS BREAKING NEWS… No Room in the OR for Two Stars

Word has it that the new show ORDR Lees is setting up to kill one of its two main leads at the end of the first episode. Oh... I suppose I should have said "spoiler alert" first. Sorry... I really do hate it when people ruin things for me.

-1,124,992 fans

Confront Robert/Roberta

Again proving that stars are the same as the rest of us, Robbie Abercrombie and (Your Name) were seen sharing a drink at a local bar. We're sure nothing else of interest happened.

+375,008 fans

Film Time Alien 2

Word on the street is that there's a sequel brewing. Hampton Martin is bringing back (Your Name) and her CGI alien buddy for another adventure in Time Alien 2. What trouble will they get into this time? Only the future knows.

+750,000 fans

Frosty - Part I

After filming

BREAKING NEWS... Getting Frosty!

(Your Name) will be starring in Sami Pizzicatti and Shiro Liu's next animated epic, Frosty!

Work on the two-part animated epic is well under way, with voice over work and songs to be recorded in New York any day now. Can (Your Name) get any cooler?

+562,496 fans

Just Say No
STARNEWS BREAKING NEWS… No Time for Time Alien 3

Hot off the presses! (Your Name) will not be returning for the third outing in the Time Alien series. Producer Lew Peterson cited creative differences as the reason. He also told Star News to expect a messy end for (Your Name)'s character.

Love at Death
Critic's Love

Early reviews are praising (Your Name)'s gutsy performance in Luiz Waleula's dating Love at Death!


A Meeting

Speech (Play along)

STARNEWS BREAKING NEWS... Celeb-spotting @ Wasted!

That was (Friendly Actor) outside Wasted, but who's the friend? Sources say that (Your Name) are new in town, but (Your Name) has this reporter craving coffee... 

+789 fans

Speech (Leave quickly)

STARNEWS BREAKING NEWS... Celeb-spotting @ Wasted!

That was (Friendly Actor) outside Wasted, but who's that ashamed friend? Sources say that (Your Name) are new in town, but (Your Name) has this reporter craving coffee... 

+789 fans

Method Act Part 1
STARNEWS BREAKING NEWS… Someone Certainly Likes their Desserts

What's wrong with (Your Name)? He/She was seen at a local diner eating numerous pies. Apparently, joining (Your Name) on this hedonistic venture was competitive eater Lawrence Quicksilver.

-750,016 fans

Method Act Part 3

I have to say that, up until a few minutes ago, we were going to go to air with yet another piece on the descent of (Your Name) into the pit of pie-eating despair... but, apparently, he/she has been researching a role for Edmund Flannery's new film.

+187,504 fans

No Time For You
STARNEWS BREAKING NEWS… No Future for Time Alien 3

Time Alien 3 has stopped production. Producer Lew Peterson and new star (Rival) could not be reached for comment... but sources at Headley Studios say that the set went dark today and there are no plans to carry on. Seems like (Your Name) dodged a bullet.

Oh so Pretty

Well the results are in, and the people have spoken... The Most Beautiful Star for this year is... drum roll please, ... ME! Yes, yours truly. And I didn't even think I was on the ballot.

+150,016 fans

One Last Job
STARNEWS BREAKING NEWS… Stepping Behind the Camera

Well... for once, the rumors have been proven correct! (Your Name) is stepping behind the camera for the gritty crime drama One Last Job. Shooting starts soon.

+112,480 fans

Opportunity Knox

The cast of KTV's upcoming 'Hawaii Po' was announced today, with the studio expressing excitement to get the show into production.

+225 fans

Order #996 in 2 mins.

BlueStar network


Taylor Massey gives a fan a surprise by showing up at Starbeans and ordering coffee and a wrap.

+5,880 fans

Heart flirt


Was that Taylor Massey flirting with a coffee barista? I'll save you the suspense by telling you yes. Yes it was.

+816 fans

Oscar Mike
STARNEWS BREAKING NEWS… Oscar Mike on the Move

After various pre-production set-backs, DWBS Pictures has announced that the project is finally going into production.

+37,504 fans

Plugging Away

STARNEWS BREAKING NEWS… Time Alien Star Shines Brightly

Tonight, I sit down with Time Alien's (Your Name)... for a revealing interview!

+750,000 fans

Publicity Stunts

(don't accept apology)


It appears that (Your Name) doesn't have much of a heart... as she was seen refusing to forgive a visibly apologetic and distraught (Rival). Too bad... but we're all rooting for you, (Rival)!

Publicity Tour

(Your Name)'s directorial has debuted to strong ticket sales, and early reviews have been positive. It is even rumoured that One Last Job is a misnomer. That's right! A sequel's already being talked about.

+562,480 fans

BREAKING NEWS... (Rival) in Public Spat

Eye witnesses caught local minor celeb (Rival) publicly (and loudly) firing his/her agent…

... apparently after learning of newcomer (Your Name)'s casting in KTV's recent commercial project.

+1,184 fans

The Scoop
STARNEWS BREAKING NEWS… (Your Name)'s Shocking Revelation

Rick/Martha Graves, a con man/woman known to police, is claiming he/she is the secret husband/wife of (Your Name). Is this true? Does it matter?

A Strange Request

After seeing them gorge themselves on delicious baked goods, now (Your Name) seems to have fallen further. He/She was spotted today working the lowest of lows... retail!

-750,016 fans

Social Butterfly

Speech (Make Amends with Rival)

BREAKING NEWS... The Big Scene

Rumor has it that (Rival) has a bitter side...
as he/she was overheard berating (Your Name)...
(an acquaintance) at a party.

+1,184 fans

Speech (Throw drink at Rival)

BREAKING NEWS... Spill it 

Rumor has it that (Rival) got into a dispute with an acquaintance named (Your Name)...
that resulted in a drink being thrown at him/her.
Sounds awful... but also funny.

+1,184 fans

Studio Time (B+ List)

Speech (Gossip about Rival.)


Watch Starnews tonight to hear the scandalous and unverified story we've decided is fact about (Rival)!

Speech (Talk about yourself.)


Tonight we look at Edward Hacker's new project, including a quick chat with (Your Name)... about his/her role in the film, which is set to go into production soon.

+22,500 fans

Turn on the TV
BREAKING NEWS... Open Casting at KTV!

Aspiring actors lined up in front of KTV for a chance to be in a TV commercial...

...proving, once again, that people will do anything for a chance to get on TV.

Very Photogenic
STARNEWS BREAKING NEWS... Unknown Actor Buys Coffee

It's a slow news day out there, folks, so we thought we'd mention that (Your Name), a relatively new face on the Star News scene, was spotted today buying coffee. Are big things brewing? Seriously, a very slow news day.

+3,744 fans


Announcements can vary.

List Fans

A-List A-List
B-List B-List
C-List C-List
D-List D-List
E-List E-List

-3,000,000 fans
– fans
– fans
– fans
– fans


Did They Get Lost?
Have you seen...
We Want You Back!
Whatever Happened to...


Remember (Your Name)? Yeah. Neither do we.
Where in the world is (Your Name)? Not in the headlines, apparently!
(Your Name) has been keeping pretty mum since her last gig.
You know whom this reporter hasn't heard from in awhile? (Your Name). Hope he/she's okay!
Life seems to have gone on since (Your Name) disappeared off the face of the earth.

List Fans

A-List A-List
B-List B-List
C-List C-List
D-List D-List
E-List E-List

+2,249,984 fans
– fans
– fans
+4,049 fans
– fans

Go see (Film Name)

(Film Name) Tops Box Office
(Film Name) Opens to Stellar Reviews

If you could bottle (Your Name)'s performance in this one, I'd buy it by the case!

(Your Name) is, officially, our new idol after (Film Name) opened last night.
Audiences everywhere were thrilled to see (Your Name)'s stellar performance! Great work!
(Film Name) is this week's runaway box-office hit... ...thanks to a knock-out performance by (Rank)-Lister (Your Name).
Can you buy stock in (Studio Name)? After seeing (Your Name) in (Film Name), you can sign this reporter up!

List Fans

A-List A-List
B-List B-List
C-List C-List
D-List D-List
E-List E-List

– fans
– fans
– fans
– fans
– fans

Everyone is Watching (Programme Name)

(Project Name) Tops Weekley Ratings
(Project Name) Airs to Stellar Reviews

(Project Name) is this week's runaway small-screen hit... ...thanks to a knock-out performance by former cast member (Your Name).

Household's everywhere tuned into (Your Name)'s stellar performance in (Project Name)! Great work!
Can you buy stock in (Studio Name)? After seeing (Your Name) on (Project Name), you can sign this reporter up!

List Fans

A-List A-List
B-List B-List
C-List C-List
D-List D-List
E-List E-List

+2,270,432 fans
– fans
– fans
– fans
– fans


Big Day
Wedding Bells!
Hot and Heavy?
Getting Intimate
Together Forever
Taking It to the Next Level
Time to Change the Relationship Status?


Starnews has exclusive photos of (Your Name) and (Date's Name)!

Super-couple (Your Name) and (Date's Name) have finally decided to kick it up a notch and are engaged!

(Your Name) and (Date's Name) have been spotted canoodling about town! Is the registry online yet?

This just in: (Your Name) and long-time kissing partner, (Date's Name), are finally engaged!

(Your Name) was spotted at (Dating Location) with (Date's Name), and it's not the first time we've seen them together!

Were those sparks flying out of (Dating Location) last night? Sources say (Your Name) and (Date's Name) were inside!

Looks like (Your Name) has wasted no time in nabbing some face time with (Date's Name) and, yes, we mean kissing.

(Your Name) and (Date's Name) have announced that they're engaged! Congrats!

(Your Name)'s wedding day is fast approaching. Where will the wedding be and who'll be on the guest list are all still up in the air.

(Your Name)'s wedding day is finally here but it looks like they're going the low rent route and high tailing it for Vegas.

List Fans

A-List A-List
B-List B-List
C-List C-List
D-List D-List
E-List E-List

– fans
– fans
– fans
– fans
– fans


(Your Name)'s New Clothes!


Yesterday, Starnews caught (Your Name) sporting a stylish new outfit. This trend-setter might make our Best Dressed list!

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