Quincy Sherman
Gender Male
List C-List C-List
Occupation Former Detective / Writer

Quincy Sherman comes onto the scene as part of Meet Quincy Sherman, where your agent has asked you to meet with him for a role in his upcoming film. Sherman thinks you will be perfect for the lead role after seeing your performance in Ripper.

Quincy's appearance may vary between players.

Background Trivia

Quincy Sherman was a Detective who was the lead investigator in the pursuit of "The Artist". Quincy has given up the badge and taken up the pen by writing a script retelling his pursuit of the infamous art thief, who he chased for over twenty years.

Quincy likes to celebrate by watching the game on the TV and a stiff drink in his hand! He is now ready to cash in and retire with the script after years of late nights of investigation, two failed marriages and a lot of missed birthdays. Quincy believes chasing "The Artist" for all those years was like a curse and now by writing the script he will finally have something to show for it.

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Meet Quincy Sherman
Hey (Your Name)! I'm glad you could make it out. Good to meet ya!

Sorry if this place isn't exactly your kind of scene, but this is how I like to celebrate... The game on TV and a stiff drink in my hand!
1. Speech It's cool. Energy5
2. Speech (Come back later.)

1. I spent over twenty years of my life chasing this art thief known as "The Artist". Now, I'm finally going to have something to show for it...

The studios are fighting to out-bid each other to see which one of them gets to pay me a pile of money so they can make the film!

All those late nights of investigation, two failed marriages and a lot of missed birthdays... Chasing "The Artist" was like a curse!

No more of that! I'm ready to cash in and retire. Or who knows, maybe I'll write another script and become a big shot Hollywood writer!
Speech (Ask about role.)

Oh, right! After seeing your performance in Ripper, I knew you'd be perfect actor to take the lead in my film. It's the only demand I had...

All the studios have already agreed that you would at the least be given an audition for the role.

Now, we just have to wait and see which studio wins the bid to make The Artist!

I'll call you as soon as I find out where the film will be made. If you'll excuse me, I've got some celebrating to do and my glass is empty!
Speech Talk to you later!

Distraught Detective
(Your Name)? Something terrible has happened... I... I can't even talk about it on the phone. Think we could meet up at Wasted?

Speech Sure, on my way.

At Wasted

The scripts! All three copies of my screenplay for The Artist have gone missing! They were stolen... it was the master thief... I just know it!
Speech Only 3 copies?

Yes, I only made three copies. I wanted to protect the story from getting leaked on the internet like that big director's last script...

I made one for myself and two for the studios interested in buying the film... They've all gone missing!

Even the back up copy on my computer at home has disappeared!

Only the master thief could have done pulled this off... Without a script, we can't begin filming! What am I going to do?
Speech Rewrite it?

I just closed the deal with Supercool Studio. There's no way I can finish rewriting The Artist in time before filming is supposed to begin...

I'm sorry, (Your Name). I guess the film won't be happening anytime soon. Just leave me to my drinks. I don't want to think about it right now.
Speech (Leave.)

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