Paulie Woolkowski
Gender Male
List F-List F-List
Occupation Land Lord

Paulie Woolkowski first comes onto the scene as part of Desperate Times, where he will inform you your rent is overdue at the beginning of the game, during your tutorial. Later, he will appear again as part of Rent Money where he will demand the Cash500 rent money.

Background Trivia

Paulie is your grumpy land lord, who chases you for his Cash 500 rent. He only seems to do goodwill gestures when he has a good day at the track..

Related Goals


Desperate Times
Hey, ya bum! Your rent's overdue... for almost a week now! This place may be a dump, but it's not a free dump! Now, where's my money?

1. Speech (Use your charm.) Star1
2. Speech (Insult him.)

1. Well...I guess I could let the rent slide for another week or so...just this once!
Speech Okay.

Rent Money
Fancy runnin' into you. Works out well 'cause I've been lookin' all over for ya...

More specific-like, looking for my rent money. Where is it?
1. Speech Heres's the money Cash500 Energy+1 XP+5
2. Speech You gave me a week.

1. That's more like it...
Speech(Leave Quietly.)

2. What? That doesn't sound like me at all. fine. One week and then I change the locks.

Yer lucky I had a good day at the track ya bum. One week!
Speech OK

You have my money yet?
1. Speech Of course! Cash500
2. Speech Not Yet.

1. That's more like it...
Speech(Leave Quietly.)

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