People Involved


Your agent tells you that he's been talking to the producers of a new show called The Roaring Hogs, based on a motorcycle gang. You have been mentioned as a possibility for the lead role of the show but the producers don't think you're tough enough yet. He wants you to go see Charlene to get a tougher image.

Movie Tough

Charlene tells you that the producers of the show are willing to hire you right now if you get a tattoo, one that is relevant to the show. You have the choice of "Ink me up!"Star25 or "Would it hurt?", choosing the latter will lead her to say that it'll show the producers your committment to the role, followed by another prompt to get the tattoo (Ink me up! / Any other options?). If you choose to decline again, she'll say that the producers have two other actressses in mind for the role, so you have to show your competition that you are the toughest of them all. You do this by beating them at pool and drinking them under the table. Your options are now "Sounds fun!" and "Ink me up instead.".

Dive Bar Challenge

You require Energy20 to proceed

Your competition is at Wasted, you'll have to beat one of them at pool and the other at drinking. (The conversation is pretty interesting to read if you want flavor text.)

The Toughest

Head back to your agent to report that you've beaten the other two competitors, He'll tell you that you can start the project in 8 hours.


The Roaring Hogs
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Line 1: All I need is a bike and a bottle...

Line 2: Not necessarily in that order.