Gender Male/Female
List D-List D List
Occupation Hepcat

Moonbeam will be behind the counter at Organic Chakras located in San Francisco.

As part of Makin' Wavy Gravy you have the opportunity to star as Moonbeam in From the Farm, after filming three Animal charity commercials as part of the Animal Lover series.

Their gender varies depending on whether you are playing as a Star or a Starlet.

Background Trivia

Moonbeam is a Hepcat who works at Organic Chakras. Moonbeam grew up with Flower, in a hippie commune called Pig Farm, near San Francisco. They had a terrible life that consisted of struggle, adversity and revolution. Goldengate Film Studio decided to make a film about their upbringing. Moonbeam is into free love and believes you'll never meet someone like them... Groovy, man!

Related Goals


Organic Chakras
Some people just need to, like, free themselves, you know?

Speech Right...

Makin' Wavy Gravy
Hey, man. You're (Your Name)! Nice to meet you. I bet you never thought you'd meet someone like me!

1. Speech Nice to meet you. Energy13
2. Speech (Mention Flower.) Star3
3. Speech (Come back later.)

2. You know Flower, man? That's awesome!

Sounds like she's come a long way from the girl who used to eat worms on the farm.
Speech Yup!

Anyway, you were, like, awe-inspiring in , man!

Look, I, like, like you for the role - for me...
Speech Why am I here then?

Because I have a request. If you wanna be me, you're gonna have to, like, agree to it.
Speech What is it?

I have a friend who runs a pretty big-time charity for animals...

and it'd mean a lot if you could do some TV spots for them for their upcoming fund-raising campaign.
Speech What's the charity?

Well, they'll have to change their name because of some wrestling league, but they're called Environment Charity Worldwide.
Speech Okay.

Right on! That's a big help, man, and it's only three commercials. My role is yours! This first commercial will start filming in one hour, man!
a. Start filming now! Star2
b. Speech (Wait 1 hr.)

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