Miguel Morilaglu
Gender Male
List A-List A-List
Occupation Fashionista

Miguel Morilaglu comes onto the scene as part of Haute Coutoure, where Charlene informs you about En Style magazine and how you are definitely eligible for the list of most fashionable stars. At the same time, Miguel Morilaglu is opening up his first North American store! Charlene advises you to go talk to him and have him personally design you clothing.

But Miguel refuses to design anything for you unless you fulfill his lifelong dream as part of Fashionista. Later, Morilaglu will call you regarding a photo shoot with Sandra Golari as part of Listen, listen!

You will find Morilaglu behind the counter in his store, Pantaloons Nouveaux located in The Hills

Background TriviaEdit

Miguel is a fashionista who gets words wrong sometimes and designs custom-made clothes. Miguel idolises reclusive fashion designer, Alberto Lamour, and dreams of owning one of his designs. Miguel promises you that he will not only design you something but he will also work as your stylist for free if you can help him with his life long dream. He also states that he is friends with Sandra Golari.

Related GoalsEdit

Haute Coutoure Fashionista In Style By Morilaglu Party Favor
Listen, listen! See That Stylist Fine Maybe Hap's Demands Hap's Demands 2
Hap's Demands 3


Haute Coutoure
Can I help you with something?

Speech Of course you can... Energy 8

Oh... oh! You are THE (Your Name)? Oh, hi, girl!
I cannot even believe I did not recognize you - you look taller on the screen, girl. What would you like?
Speech Custom-made clothes.

Oh, ha! You are a cutter to the chase. Sorry, girl, I cannot design fantabulous clothing for just anyone - famous or not... especially not. Duh, of course! Laugh.
Speech There's no way?

Well... there is ONE thing that I desire, but it is nearly mission impossible to get. Sigh.
Speech What is it?

My idol of the fashion, Alberto Lamour, has only one boutique and it is in the Cannes.

He is recursive, though...
Speech Reclusive?

If you want to split hairs, girl, I guess so! Alberto's store has been closed ever since the disaster of fashion incident in 1989. Shudder.

Anyway, his designs have all but disappeared. I want just ONE item he has designed.
Speech I can get you one!

Okay, girl. I did not know you were also a standing-up comedian! No one has even seen Alberto in years - he disappeared. Unsolved mystery.
Speech I'll find him...

Well... if you can get me a piece of the fashion history from him, I will not only design you something, I will work as your stylist for free - sonny bono.
Speech ...Pro bono?

Yeah... that is what I said, girl!
Speech Right...

In Style
Oh, hi, (Your Name)!

Speech (Mention Alberto.)

You MET him? I cannot believe it! Get out, girl! And what's in the package?
Speech(Give to Miguel.)

For me? Faint. I am in the fashion heaven! Okay, girl, you have yourself a new stylist - and a new dress.
Speech Thanks!

Party Favor
Oh... I have imbibed too much of the alcohol... fantabulous...

Speech Okay... Energy2 Cash+5 XP+5
Speech (Come back later.)

Speech Okay... Cash+5

Listen, listen!
(Your Name), girl! How are you? Listen, listen, listen! Come over to my store as soon as possible.

Speech Okay!

Hey, girl! I was just on the phone with a friend of mine, Sandra Golari.
Speech Who's that?

Oh... nobody. She's just a world-famous photographer. How do you not know that, girl?

Anyway, she wants to take some of the pictures of you. It's a very great honor. You have to dress nicely, though, or she won't take any of the pictures!
Speech Nicely?

Yeah, girl! In this town, "nicely" is the same as "expensively," if you know what I mean.
Speech I think I do...

It sounds like we are on the same chapter...
Speech The same page...?

Yeah, page, whatever! There is no time for these word lessons of yours, girl. Sandra Golari is waiting for you over in her office at the Smith and Associates building. She has a nice little temporary studio set-up there.
Speech Okay!

See That Stylist

Hey, girl! You look fantabulous today!

Charlene, told me you would be coming. I am so excited for you - and for me! This G.L.A.M.M. photo shoot will be great... unless...
Speech Unless...?

Well... the photographer, Quientin Haperdash, he is kind of well-known for his perfectionism - he can be exhausting to work with.

He knows what he wants and what works, which means that if you can do what he says the shoot will be a great success...

But he is demanding, and if you can't handle him, the shoot could go very... not well.
Speech How do you know?

Well... I have never worked with him - The Hap, you know - personally, but I have heard stories - some good, some... not good.

You shouldn't worry about that, though. The shoot will take place in a little studio in the Smith and Associates building down the street,

I will be right there with you, and everything will be fine... maybe.
Speech If you say so.

Fine Maybe

Quientin "Hap" Haperdash is ready for you over there, girl.
Speech I see...

Hap's Demands 2

Work it!
Speech ...

Hap's Demands 3

Keep at it! Oh, girl, the Hap never stops!
Speech ...

Good work!
Speech Thanks!

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