Melinda Karddyna
Gender Female
List B-List B-List
Occupation Cinematographer

Melinda Karddyna comes onto the scene as part of A Whale's Karddyna, where your agent will call regarding the film and advises you to meet Melinda at her gallery, Art Party, located in San Francisco.

Background Trivia

Melinda Karddyna is a cinematogher and has worked with Luiz Waleula for a number of years. Karddyna owns the gallery, Art Party, in San Francisco. Melinda stands by artistic integrity and is not fan of Mitch Bay working on Love at Death, who she describes as the man who makes movies about giant explosions and robots, not taboo and forbidden love. Melinda believes Mitch being related to the studio head has worked in his favor. 

Related Goals


A Whale's Karddyna
(Name)! What a pleasure to meet you. I wish it could be under better circumstances...

Speech What do you mean? Energy 10
Speech (Come back later.)

You haven't heard? DWBS Pictures sold the rights to make "Love at Death" to Golden Gate Film Studio.
Speech I knew that...

And Golden Gate wants to replace Luiz!
Speech Why?

Money. Why else? The studio is making massive script changes and is going to turn the film into mainstream white bread! They're ditching Luiz and have signed on Mitch Bay. MITCH BAY!

The man makes movies about giant explosions and robots, not taboo and forbidden love... I guess it pays to have the same last name as the studio head!
Speech Oh...

The studio still wants you and I on board, but I have refused! I will not have my name attached to this garbage!

Do you think you have the pull to get the studio to make this film the way it should me made?

You must agree they cannot turn a work of art into dumbed-down drivel.
1. Speech Well...
2. Speech You're right!

1. Please? I'm begging you. Not for Luiz or myself, but for the artistic integrity of film!
Speech I'll try...

2. It's up to you now, (Your Name). If you can talk whomever needs talking to into doing this film correctly, I'll be on board; if not, I suggest you abandon it! You might make more more money, but your reputation as an actor will be tarnished.
Speech Okay.

For The Art
(Your Name)! Luiz called and told me that you saved our film. I am so grateful...
Speech It was nothing!

This film may not make a lot of money, but who cares?
1. Speech My agent...
2. Speech Not me…

1. Ha! Of course! There will be other blockbusters for your agent to leech off of.

In the meantime, "Love at Death" starts shooting in 24 hours.

I hope your agent will still call you when it's time to begin. a. Speech Start Filming now! Star 48 XP +100
b. Speech (Wait 24 hrs.) XP +100

2. And your fans will love you for it! Now "Love at Death" begins filming in 24 hours.
a. Speech Start Filming now! Star 48 XP +100
b. Speech (Wait 24 hrs.) XP +100

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