People Involved


Your agent has called you to meet with Suzanne Straits and wants you to prove her wrong about actors and actresses being puppets!

  • Task Meet Suzanne Straits at Wasted

When you speak to Suzanne, you have the option to:

  • 1. Speech Yep. Not very nice. Energy 10
  • 2. Speech I agree with you! Energy 10
  • 3. Speech (Come back later.)

Either option you lead you to a conversation about her upcoming improv film, Rebel Hearts. But before she gives you the role, she wants to see your improv skills up to the test. You can then either say:

  • 1. Speech Deal!
  • 2. Speech (Charm for audition.) Star 48

If you choose Deal!, you will have to do the goal Improv-ment.
If you choose to charm, you will immediately get to film Rebel Hearts.

Goal Reward

Cash+31 XP+23

Following Goal

(Charm)Rebel Hearts

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