This goal follows Starfly III.

People Involved


Your agent will call asking you to drop by their office as they have "some news". Once there they will tell you about a film called A Face From The Crowd that every star in town is lining up to be in. Monty Wilenski is directing this upcoming project and your agent thinks this role is worth fighting for so has asked you to meet Monty Wilenski.

After leaving Il Vecchio Pazzo, Charlene will call asking you to drop by her office. Once there, Charlene will give you to options to help raise the money needed for the film.

You can either say:

  • Speech Investor.
  • Speech Crowd Funding.

Goal Reward

Cash+79 XP+41

Following Goal

Dependable on choice

Investor: (TBA)
Crowd Funding: Crowd Surf

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