Gender Male
List A-List A-List
Occupation Music Video Director

McB comes onto the scene as part New Kid in Town, where your agent informs you he has arranged for you to meet McB at The Silver Shellfish in The Coast, to discuss a role in his new venture A Love Tale, which was an award winner 50 years ago. 

McB's appearance and last name varies among players.


McB is a Music Director who wants to become a Film Director in Hollywood. His idea of a masterpiece is for it to be "Fresh and out there."

Related Goals


New Kid in Town
(Your Name), thanks for coming out. So, A Love Tale. Have you seen it?

1. Speech Yes!
2. Speech No.

1. I haven't. I don't want anything interfering with my vision for the remake.

2. Good. Neither have I. I don't want the original to interfere with my vision for the remake.

Yeah, who cares about some old movie with two people in love? I want the re-make to be fresh and funny and out there.
Speech Really?

Oh yeah, in fact I'm throwing out the old script. And now the whole thing is set in the future. And it's a comedy.
Speech Oh.

So here's the thing, I really want to see you 5-star a role in a comedy and a sci-fi picture before we talk about Love Tale.

Unless you care to convince me otherwise...
a. Speech (Charm) Star3
b. Speech I'll do them.

a. You talk a good game, (Your Name). Let's just move forward.

I'll be in touch with your agent. It was a pleasure!

b. Great. Let's talk once you're done.

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