Max Bling
Gender Male
List A-List A-List
Occupation Agent

Max Bling first comes onto the scene as part of Movin' On Up where Charlene will inform you of his presence at the Time Alien Party at Headley Mansion. Later, you will meet Bling at the party and have the chance to be represented by him instead of Arnie as part of Free Agent.

You will find Max Bling, sitting behind in his desk, in Maximillian Prescott Bling Talent located in The Hills. Unlike Arnie, Max gives much bigger projects of 8 to 24 hours which are higher paying to accommodate for your ever-growing stardom, but require a lot of attention and time to be successful.

Background Trivia

Max Bling is often referred to as the most powerful agent in town. He doesn't care for much except his exotic fish and of course money, which drives all his business decisions. No matter the outcome, as long as Max receives a big pay out he'll be happy. But Max does have some compassion, for Kelly McQueen that is! He watched all her films when he was growing up and she is his favorite actor by far, aside from you of course!

Max has been presented with the key to Hollywood by the Mayor, which is hung on the wall in the reception of Bling Talent Agency. Bling was also nominated "Dude of the Year" by Timez Magazine. 

Related Goals

Party Favor Free Agent Four More... Sad Sad Day Three In A Row Mob Hit
Get Green-lit One Last Job Launch Time Spooktacular Science and Fiction


Dialogue is logged alphabetically by goal title.

Golden Gate Films just sent, YOU gift basket! They are ecstatic over how the Kelly McQueen tribute film series turned out!

Kelly's family loved the films as well and expressed their thanks for your efforts. And this one's from me... Thank you. It meant a lot.
Speech It was my honor.

The Big Break
C'mon baby pick up the -oh! Baby! I just got a hot tip. Roman 'the Midas touch' Marlo was spotted hanging out at Club Black Widow! Get over there quick!

Speech Who?

Who? WHO? Roman Marlo takes up and coming actors and turns them into STARS! This could be our big break... Every film he directs turns to gold!

More importantly, the actors in his films get famous, fast! But...he sort of hates agents. It's impossible for any agent to book auditions with him directly.

You've got to get to the Black Widow night club and make an impression on him before some other actor gets his attention! Why are you still on the phone? GO!
Speech On my way!

Four More...
When you find out what I have at my office for you, (Your Name), you'll want to travel back in time to get here sooner.

Speech ok

At Max's office

I'm thinking of spending some time in Vienna this year, and there's only one way to pay for it. Let's get us some money! How about four projects?
Speech OK.

For Zombie Fans
Zombies Ate My Friends!

Speech ...WHAT?

That hit video game all the kids are playing these days! There's a movie adaption in the works and guess what baby, you've got an audition!
Speech Oh, cool!

Landing the lead role could mean a whole new demographic of fans. Swing by my office in 24 hours for the script.
Speech Get the script now! Star 48
Speech Will do! (Wait 24h)

Get Green-lit
(Your Name), baby! I have something here that you're going to like. It's the hottest script in town. And it'll be the hottest movie in town soon.

Speech What is it?

It's called a crime drama called One More Job. It was written by some nobody named Jimmy DeWitt. I think he's related to your former agent. At least someone in that family has some talent. Anyway, your career is at a stage where a script like this can help you a lot.
Speech Tell me more.

This script could be the start of a new chapter of your career. Let me ask you this: Can you say "action"?
Speech Action!

Um... well, that was supposed to be a rhetorical question, but let me just say you nailed it. You were born to say it, baby. What I'm getting at here is... how about we put you in the director's chair?
Speech You've sold me.

Best of all, this script has a nice meaty role in the center of it. Director AND star! Think of the fame... think of the money... think of the small island I could buy! I talked to Larry Bennett at Studio Supercool. When I said that you were interested, he said that he'd put some money up to shoot a test reel. I know I hadn't talked to you yet. But I knew you'd love this idea.
Speech Let's do this.

Launch Time
(Your Name) I just got a call from Donny Diamond. He wants to invest in a new project for you.

Speech Great.

It's fantastic. He's sending me over a script called Smells Like Success. Heard of it?
Speech No.

Well, don't worry. I'll call as soon as I get it. Then you can come by, read it and audition.
1. Speech Start filming now! Star16
2. Speech (Wait 8 hrs.)

Meet "A"
Hey, Listen... I just had a mysterious envelope slide in under my door, just like in those old detective movies. Kinda creepy.

The envelope has your name on it and a note inside of it. Want me to read it?
Speech Read it to me.

Okay, here we go. It says. "(Your Name): Meet me at Club Black Widow. Come alone. -A"

Hmm. Any idea who this "A" could be?

1. Speech No idea...
2. Speech A for Artist?
1. ?
2. No... could it be? Well if I were you, there's no way I'd go. But I know you're far more adventurous than I am and I can't stop you...

Just make sure you call me if there's any trouble, all right?
Speech I will…

Meet Cute
(Your Name), just the person I wanted to see. I hope your not afraid to let your romantic side show. Everybody loves a lover, especially in this town. Get out there and get noticed in a romantic movie, let the whole world fall in love with you.

Speech If you say so...

Meet Ethan Phillion
So, here's something exciting... You're going to space!

Speech What!?

Well, no really, of course... You're being eyed to star in an epic sci-fi trilogy of films based on one of my favorite television shows ever!

You're probably too young to remember the adventures of Captain Sky Wyatt and the crew of Starfly, but that show was a masterpiece!

They didn't have all the fancy special effects of today's productions, but what the show had was a whole whack of talent!

Sadly, it was canceled way too soon... and now its being remade by one of the stars of the show!
Speech Wow, really?

Ethan Phillion retired his blast gun long ago. These days he's been doing a lot more writing and directing. Recently he bought the rights to Starfly.

Well, he's completed a new vision for the show as a film trilogy and thinks you'd be great for the role of the new Captain Sky Wyatt!
Speech Cool!

He wants to meet with you to discuss the project at The Golden Porkchop. OH! And if you get the chance, would you mind asking him for an autograph for me?
Speech Sure thing, Max.

Meet Hank
Hey baby, I've got something big for you! It's got drama, suspense, and romance! It's A Foreign Affair!

There's a lot of buzz surrounding this script. It's almost certain to get nominated for all sorts of awards! I've got you a meeting with Hank Watkinson...

He's a first time writer and director, so his script must be some powerful stuff because the powers that be don't give just anyone a deal like this!
Speech Where do I meet him?

Mr. Watkinson will meet you for lunch at The Golden Porkchop to discuss the film. Good Luck!
Speech Okay, thanks!

Meet Holly
I just got off the phone with Holly Perl. She's a best selling crime fiction writer. Her novel "Ripper" is being made into a film!

Turns out she has creative control over the film and she thinks you'd be perfect for the leading role. Want me to set up a meeting?
Speech Please do!

I'm glad you said that, because I already did! Go meet Holly Perl at Infinitum as soon as you can. Good luck!
Speech Okay, thanks!

Meet Monty
It's Max. Got some news. If you're not here by the time I finish my sushi, (Your Name) I'm making you eat my wasabi.

Speech ok.

At Max's Office

(Your Name), have you read the script for A Face From The Crowd?
Speech No.

Well, you should. Every star in town is lining up to star in that thing.
Speech And?

And... the role is perfect for you.
Speech Sounds good.

It sure does. Now, Monty Wilenski is going to direct this thing. He's not the easiest guy to work with but get him on your side and he'll fight for you.
Speech Okay.

Great, so go meet him at Il Vecchio Pazzo. He might not be expecting you but this is a role worth fighting for.
Speech Okay.

Meet Mya Pinelli
Baby, I'm excited and you should be too. I just made us a whale of a deal!

Ever heard of Mya Pinelli? I'm sure you have. She's hot off the success of her wildly successful children's book series turned film series, The Magical Adventures Harriet Potter.

If the success of the Harriet Potter series is any indication, her next story should be a massive hit as well!
Speech Go on...

I don't have all the details, but I know her new story is called "Toonworld". Mya wants YOU to play the lead in the motion picture adaption!

Head over to The Silver Shellfish restaurant on the coast and meet with Mya Pinelli to lock this deal down!
Speech Sure thing!

Meet Quincy Sherman
Heya baby! I've got a couple of films cooking up for ya. The first one is a sure thing, but it's this second film I'm excited about...

Speech What are they about?

Well, I'm close to getting you an audition for an upcoming horror movie called The Well...

But the film I'm really excited about is a true crime tale based on an infamous, mysterious and very successful art thief!
Speech Cool.

I still have to dot some i's and cross some t's on the contract for The Well. In the meantime, someone would like to meet you...
Speech Who?

Quincy Sherman. Formerly Detective Quincy Sherman, lead investigator in pursuit of "The Artist". He's given up the badge and taken up the pen!

Quincy has written a riveting screenplay about the decades long hunt to catch the art thief. He wants you in a lead role in his film.

He's celebrating the completion of his script at the bar, Wasted.
Speech I'll go see him!

Meet Sami
Heya baby, ever hear of Sami Pizzicatti and Shiro Liu? They're the creative duo behind all those animated films all the kids rave so much about these days...

You know, Cold Age, Fish Tale, oh and the one about the robot guy, HAL-E! Well, they've got a new project in the barrel and they want you on board!
Speech Cool!

This gig is a two-parter, which means double the pay! Plus, you get to sing and remind everyone that you've got a great set of pipes...

Go meet up with Sami at The Silver Shellfish restaurant. She's anxious to talk to you about the details of the project. Have fun, baby!
Speech Thanks, Max!

Meet Suzanne Straits
Heya baby. Charlene's been on my case to call you about this hot new director, Suzanne Straits. She insists it would be great for you to work with her.

Speech Suzanne Straits?

That's the name on everyone's lips. She's a bit of an indie film snob, from what I hear. But she's the hottest thing in Hollywood right now...

She's had a series of indie film hits and regularly speaks out about how Hollywood actors are spoiled, pretty little puppets rather than artists...

Merely regurgitating words and doing exactly as told. Her words, not mine!
Speech Harsh...

Charlene seems to think working with Suzanne will place you above the scorn and set you apart as one of the few true artists of your generation!

Her words, not mine. I think you've done a fantastic job already, with a little help from your agent of course...
Speech Of course...

So listen, I figure there's nothing to lose and everything to prove. I've set you up to meet with Suzanne at Wasted...

I suggested Infinitum, but I guess that was too mainstream for her! Go prove to her you're no puppet, baby!
Speech I will!

Mob Hit
Well, (Your Name), for better or for worse this movie's going ahead. Just remember, you only have yourself to blame.

Speech Okay.

Dirk Bubkus says he just go the script. He'll send it to me soon and I'll call as soon as I get it.
Speech Thanks.

Let's just hope this puts an end to your dealings with Bugsy Capone.
1. Speech Start filming now! Star16
2. Speech (Wait 8 hrs.)

#1 Fan
Hey baby, I hear you're on fan baby sitting duty! I'm just playing with ya... Listen, I've got some news. You know Westley Pipes, right?

The big star is shooting the final part of his Ballistic trilogy right here in town. Well, I just heard an interesting rumour…

The actor playing his partner in the film was just fired! I think I can get you that part... interested?
Speech Of course!

Listen, Westley Pipes has a reputation for being difficult to work with... but I'm sure once he sees how cool you are, you two will hit it off like ice and whiskey!
Speech (Mention fan.)

Your fan has to be on the film set? Hmm, that could be a tough sell... I'll see what I can do!
Speech Thanks Max!

Party Favor
(Your Name), baby! We should talk business sometime. You can do a lot better than that Papa... Papadop... well, his name isn't important because he's not important!

1. Speech Okay... Energy2 Cash+50 XP+10
2. Speech (Come back later.)

Rock Vegas
Looks like you're back in Syd Cooper's book of cool people! I just got of the horn with his manager. He wants you to fly to Vegas!

Speech Awesome!

I've made all the arrangements and your ticket to Vegas is waiting for you at the airport. Have fun in the city of the lights, baby!

Oh... Just make sure you avoid the 10 cent shrimp buffet. That's a gamble with no winning scenario, trust me!
Speech Thanks Max!

The Rolling Stone
Hey baby, Syd's manager has been yapping my ear off all morning! If I didn't know better, I'd say this rock star has a crush on you!

Syd Cooper is demanding we get you on board with this semi-autobiographical film depicting a raw look at the rock star life. Interested?
Speech Tell me more...

His manager is practically begging me to convince you. I think this project could be really worth your time... I'm talking big money!

Plus all that stuff about artistic expression and what have you... it's a full package deal for you. So what do you say... You in?
Speech I'm ready to rock!

Great! I'll take care of all the details. Come by and the script for The Rolling Stone when you can. I'll have it in a little while.

The project is being made at Golden Gate Films in San Francisco. As if you haven't been flying around enough lately!
1. Speech (Wait 24h.)
2. Speech Start filming now! Star 48

Sad Sad Day
Have you heard the terrible news? It's a sad day... sad, sad day. Hollywood has lost a true star... I can't even find the words right now…

Come see me at my office and I'll fill you in. We have some business to discuss, anyway...
Speech On my way...

At Max's office

Hey, you want a drink? No? I'll have them all for both of us... This morning, a true star ascended to that big silver screen in the sky…

You're probably too young to really remember, Kelly McQueen, but when I was growing up, there was simply no actor more versatile and interesting to watch.
Speech (Console Max.)

Kelly McQueen was Hollywood royalty. The embodiment of grace, class and talent. My favorite actor by far... aside from YOU of course! heh…

Kelly always knew how to connect to people and really make an impact on you, y'know? Now, it feels like a part of myself is gone... I promised myself I wouldn't cry!
Speech (Hand Max tissues.)

Anyway! I didn't call you here to bum you out. This great big dark cloud is not without a silver lining! We've got a new job offer!

Golden Gate Films is developing something big to honor Kelly and the Hollywood powers that be are eyeing YOU to star as Kelly McQueen! Personally, I think you'd be perfect for it...
Speech I'll do it!

I'd love nothing more than to see you honor Kelly McQueen with your talents, but the studio wants you to meet with the producer in charge, Vincent Holtz!

Holtz is a Hollywood power player who can make or break careers, so play nice. He's waiting to meet you at infinitum restaurant. Good luck!
Speech Thanks Max!

Science and Fiction

Max is calling...

(Your Name), it's your favourite agent. Swing by when you get a sec. It'll be money.
Speech ok

At Max's office

Baby, there's an industry insider I know who thinks that science fiction movies will be very hot, very soon. Let's jump on this opportunity and film two sci-fi projects!
Speech OK.

Snowed In
(Your Name)! I was just on the phone with the venerable George Spieler!

His production company has entered into a deal with Studio Supercool to film four movies, all directed by Ivanna Reitwoman.
Speech Who's that?

Ivanna Reitwoman is a sort of jill-of-all-trades when it comes to writing and directing. She does it all: comedy, action, drama... she writes and directs them all. She's noted for her recent film about the NSA leaks.

Now, how does this concern YOU? It sounds like Reitwoman has taken a real shining to you, baby. She says she's written four projects with you in mind as the lead in each!
Speech Great! Cash+2 XP+2

My thought exactly! On top of that if you complete the projects she gives you, she'll give you holiday props. You can see how close you are to completing a prop collection by checking the achievement tab in the goals menu.

You can get yourself an exclusive item if you collect enough of each prop, and Reitwoman's more than happy to help out!
Speech That's nice.

It's the season, baby; it does that to people - well, not me. Now, if you can make your way down to Studio Supercool in this freak snowstorm, Ivanna Reitwoman will be waiting for ya.
Speech Sounds good.

The Songstress
Baby, have you ever read A Song of Dragons? You know, the best-selling fantasy book series of the last decade by Gwen Kingslay?

No? Well... Neither have I. But pretty soon, I won't have to! Gwen Kingslay just signed a five picture deal to adapt her books into a film series!

Here's the kicker... She wants you in one of the lead roles! Five films. That's what we in industry call catching a whale of a deal.

1. Speech Sounds awesome!
2. Speech Five films?!

1. You can't ask for a better job security in Hollywood! So, Listen, Gwen Kingslay wants to meet with you as soon as possible to discuss your role…

2. ?

Listen, I might have told her you love her books. If she asks if you've read them, just tell her the story is beautifully tragic!

She'll be waiting for you in the Silver Shellfish restaurant. Good luck, baby!
Speech Thanks Max.

Sour Note
Hey Charlene filled me in on what's been going on... Sounds like Syd didn't have such such a great time. Don't worry about it too much, okay?

Rock stars are like my piranha... Fun and cool one moment, totally crazy the next! Anyway, I've got a plan to get you back in with Syd.
Speech What's the plan?

One of Syd's great friends is directing an indie movie in town. There's virtually zero buzz around the film, so it's likely destined to fail. Unless…

If you can take a pay cut and star in the film to generate some buzz, you could save the movie and Syd will undoubtedly be grateful!
Speech This could work...

I'll work my magic and get you that role. Don't worry, baby. Max is always lookin' out for you!
1.Speech (Wait 12hrs.)
2.Speech Start filming now! Star24

Hey, baby! Analysts seem to think that horror movies are going to make a splash at the box office. Better get yourself in a few so we can capitalize on it!

Speech Okay.


After filming

Hey baby, I just wanted to say thank you for this autograph from Ethan Phillion. You've really made my day!
Speech You're welcome!

Syd In NY
Syd Cooper has been praising your performance at his Vegas concert left and right! Sounds like you two really put on a show, baby.

In fact, Syd's manager tells me Syd is SO happy with how the music video turned out, he wants to celebrate it with you... In New York.
Speech Wow, cool!

Syd's renting out his favorite restaurant for the celebration. It's called The Speakeasy Co.

You'd better get to New York before that rock star decides to fly off to another location... again...
Speech Thank you, Max!

Three In A Row
Heya baby, I'm buying a new yacht soon so let's make some fast money! Pull off 3 big projects in a row and let's get paid!

Speech Okay.

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