Maumar Szyslack
Gender Male
List E-List E-List
Occupation Bartender

Maumar Szyslack will be behind the bar at The Black Widow night club located in The Hills.

Background Trivia

Maumar Szyslack is the bartender at The Black Widow who will serve you a drink whilst performing tricks with a cocktail shaker. Whether the tricks are included in the price, buying a beverage from Szyslack will cost you Cash12. If it is gossip you after, Maumar is not your man but he will happily sell you information for Star1 or Cash100 about people currently present in the club.

Related Goals


The Black Widow
How can I help you?

1.Speech (A drink.) Cash12
2. Speech Nothing.

1. No problem. Anything else?
a. Speech (Gossip.) +XP1
b. Speech No, thanks.

a. I don't gossip. I do sell information.
1. Speech (Use your charm.) Star1
2. Speech (Tip.) Cash100
3. No, thanks.

Friend Response

1 & 2. (GC/FB Friend Name), a friend, just bought a drink, and apparently doesn't tip.
Speech OK.

Meet Flannery
Hey... you look sort of familiar. Are you (Your Name)?

1. Speech Why, yes. I am. Energy6
2. Speech (Come back later.)

1. Wonderful... now I don't have to remember this message anymore. Anyway, this guy was here, but he said he had to leave. He didn't like the fact that this place is crawling with paparazzi. I don't know what he was worried about... I certainly didn't recognize him. He said to go to Wasted. He'll be waiting for you there.
a. Speech (Give tip.) Cash10
b. Speech (Leave.)

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