Marcus Rae
Gender Male
List E-List E-List
Occupation Casting Director

Marcus Rae makes an appearance as part of Making Lemonade where speaking to Rae can secure a role in The Big Screen as part of Social Butterfly.

Background Trivia

Marcus Rae is a Casting Director for The Big Screen movie.

Related Goals


Making Lemonade
I can't talk just now, but have you met (Rival) ?

Speech ...

Social Butterfly

(Make Amends with Rival): Hi... I'm Marcus. And you are?
(Throw drink at Rival): Nice throw. I'm sure s/he deserved it. I'm Marcus. And you are?
1. Speech (Introduce yourself.)
2. Speech Your fresh face.

1. Nice to meet you, (Your Name). What do you do that you know Shirley?
A.Speech (Aspiring actor.) XP+3
B. Speech (Starbeans barista.)

A. Interesting. Do you know about our auditions at Studio Supercool tomorrow? I think you should come.
Speech I'll see you there.

B. I was wondering why you smelled like coffee, frankly. You'll excuse me.
Speech (Leave quietly.)

2. Fresh, indeed. You're an actor, then?
a. Speech Yes!
b. Speech Aspiring, anyway...XP+2
c. Speech Your star actor.

a. Well, I look forward to seeing you at auditions.

b. Interesting. I look forward to seeing you at the auditions.
Speech I'll see you there.

c. Hmm. Forward, aren't we? I feel like I've already had this conversation with (Rival). You'll excuse me.
1. Speech (Use your charm.) Star1
2. (Leave quietly.)

1. You've certainly got the charisma of a future star... I'll give you that. I'll see you at the auditions?
Speech I'll see you there.