Luiz Waleula
Gender Male
List B-List B-A List A-List
Occupation Director

Luiz Waleula first comes onto scene as part of Love at Death who will find on set. Later, you have the opportunity to star in his latest dark drama, In the Darkness, after proving you have got the right stuff as part of Still Got It.

Luiz's appearance varies among players. 

Background Trivia

Luiz Waleula is an artistic director who has worked with Melinda Karddyna for many years on a range of projects.

Related Goals


Love at Death
This film will be a thing of beauty!

Speech OK.

Still Got It
(Your Name)! It is Luiz Waleula calling..

It was good working with you on Love at Death. I'm excited to do so again.
Speech Me too!

I'm working on a somewhat dark and terrifying drama called "In the Darkness" for my next project. Something with some horror elements in it.

I'd love to have you in it, but the producers seem to think that (Rival) is a better fit.
Speech No way!

That's what I said! Well... more or less. But I'm told that if you show that you've still got the right stuff in the horror genre that you will be the star - should you choose!
Speech Sounds good!

In the Darkness
Bravo, (Name)! The producers were even more impressed than I was by your work!

They're offering you a small signing bonus if you choose to star in In the Darkness.
1.Speech I'll do it!
2. Speech I'll pass.

1. Oh, good! We'll begin shooting in 24 hours. Your agent will call you with the details!
a. Start filming now! Star48
b. (Wait 24 hrs.)

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