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Your agent says that you've caught the attention of a big player in town, the director Hampton Martin. He wants you to star in a mini-series he’s producing, The Red Heart of Mars, where two people fall in love in space.

After you finish the project, your agent calls you and after talking to him at his office, you find out that Martin wants you for his next blockbuster. He wants to talk to you before shooting starts, so head over to Club Spaceman where he’s holding a party in honor of The Red Heart of Mars. Your agent advises you not to talk about contracts or business, but focus on having fun.


The Red Heart of Mars
(Property of Supercool Studio)

Line 1: I don't know if it's my feelings or the thin atmosphere...

Line 2: But something's taking my breath away!

Time Limit: Time1 48 Hours
Genre: Futuristic TV Sci-Fi
Energy Cost: Energy ?
Blue StarsBlueStar 650

Available Actions

Action !! Energy Cost !! Reward !! Achievement

That's a Wrap!
The Red Heart of Mars will premiere in 48:00:00.

(You are rewarded based on the number of stars you score)

Goal Reward

Cash+10 XP+20 Energy+2

Following Goal

Business, Pleasure

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