Lisa Reynolds
Gender Female
List F-List F-List
Occupation Real Estate Agent

Lisa Reynolds is the Real Estate Agent who works for Starhomes Real Estate. You'll find her in all homes that are available to buy, except the Suite which is situated at Cecil's Castle in Las Vegas, who you need to speak with Hotel Manager Townsden to buy it.

Lisa will give all the lowdown on the home your viewing. Everything from nearby restaurants to how many/what types of pet can be housed in that particular home.

Homes to Buy


Randolf Apartments
Hello there! New to the area? I'm Lisa, from Starhomes Real Estate. This apartment is for sale - are you interested in moving?

1. Speech Yes.
2. Speech No, thanks.

1. The apartment still available...

2. Let me know if you change your mind, okay?

Changed your mind? The apartment is still available...
1. Speech (Buy apartment.) Cash 3500
2. Speech (Buy apartment.) Star 30
3. Speech (Negotiate.) Star 1
4. Speech (Cancel.)

3. For you, we'd accept an offer of $3200. do we have a deal?
1. Speech (Buy apartment.) Cash 3200
2. Speech (Buy apartment.) Star 29
3. Speech (Cancel.)

Great! I'll go handle the paperwork and let you get settled in.
Speech OK.

The Starlight Condos
Hello (your name)! Looking to move up in the world? Have a look around this exclusive 2-floor condo and we'll talk!

Speech ok

Stunning views, in the heart of the city. With two floors you have have all kinds of pets. But there's a catch...
1. Speech I'm interested
2. Speech it's not for me

1. Thing is, I've still got to convince the owner to part with it... but for a star like you I might be able to do it.
1. Speech buy condo Star 50
2. Speech cancel

1. Great! I know you'll love it here.
Speech ok

2. Let me know if you change your mind, okay?
Speech OK

Headley Mansion
This place is amazing. Tons of room, amazing pool... and space for a hot tub, if you want.

He wants $300,000 and only A-list celeb offers - you're perfect for it!
1. Speech Let's do this.
2. It's not for me.

1. When I tell him you're the one making the offer, he'll accept without a doubt. Ready to own the best home in The Hills?
a. Speech (Buy estate.) Cash300000
b. Speech (buy estate.) Star180
c. Speech (Cancel.)

2 & c. Let me know if you change your mind, okay?
Speech OK.

San Francisco Loft
Hello, (your name)! Looking for a place in one of San Francisco's hottest neighborhoods? Have a look around this exclusive loft and we'll talk!

Speech OK.

You can have all the pets you want in this loft, and have a place to stay when you're shooting projects in the area.
1. Speech (Buy loft.) Star 35
2. Speech It's not for me.

1. Great! I just know you'll love it here.
Speech OK..

New York Loft
Hi, (your name)! This loft is one of - if not THE - hottest properties in the city! Take a look around...

Speech OK.

You can have all the pets you want in this loft, too! What do you think?
1. Speech (Buy loft.) Star 55
2. Speech (Come back later.)

1. Excellent! I know you'll love it here!
Speech OK.

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