Lines of Main or Side goal TV shows. Arranged in alphabetical order of show names.

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Alluring Intrigues (KTV Studio - Daytime Drama)

Line 1: She doesn't know that her fiance is the man who kidnapped her last year!

Line 2: But we'll search for tomorrow... on every shore!


Battle for Bristondale [Episode 1] (Fantasy/Supercool Studio)

Line 1: I may be new, but I know how to swing a sword.

Line 2: I assure you the kingdom will be safe.

Battle for Bristondale [Episode 2] (Fantasy/Supercool Studio)

Line 1: Raiders from Elderworst?

Line 2: I hear they're the worst - and old!

Battle for Bristondale [Episode 3] (Fantasy/Supercool Studio)

Line 1: So, the raiders were a warning?

Line 2: That means Count Dormifor is planning his attack!

Battle for Bristondale [Episode 4] (Fantasy/Supercool Studio)

Line 1: Dormifor's forces are overrunning us!

Line 2: Protect the King and Queen! And... others, I guess.

Battle for Bristondale [Final Episode] (Fantasy/Supercool Studio)

Line 1: Luckily that deus ex machina saved us...

Line 2: Peace is restored.

The Biggest Winner (Reality/KTV Studio)

1. Time to celerate, I guess...

2. I hope everything goes well

D Edit

Desirable Entanglements (drama/ Supercool Studio)

1. My cousin seems upset that I slept with their significant other.

2.The storyline branches that grow from these roots should get us through a season.

Dr. Foster (KTV - Medical Drama)

1. No, it's not supposed to look like that.

2. I seem to be immune to this virus and your charm.

H Edit

Hawaii Po' (KTV Studio- crime drama)

1. Aloha?

2. Book him, Manno. Murder one... two... three counts!

The Hollywood Hills (KTV studio)

1. Well... the film finally wrapped...

2. Did you catch that?

How I Met Your Father (KTV studio)

1. You can't really "suit up" without suits.

2.Though, I'm sure you'll accept the challenge!


I Hate My Teenagers (Sitcom / Supercool Studio)

1. Hey! They're my kids, too!

2. Well... One of them is.

J Edit

James in Charge (Sitcom / KTV)

1. I don't think so, Tim

2. You know what I'm sayin'?


Love and Marriage (Sitcom / DWBS Picture Studios)

1. I can't believe I married you!

2. Now you know how I feel.


Medicinal Purposes (KTV - medical drama)

1. Looks like an aortal broncular fistula.

2. Yeah, I think that's a thing.

Mens Rea: Season 3 (KTV - crime drama)

1. I swear... I didn't do it!

2: It was a setup... I was framed.

Mens Rea: Season 4 - INNOCENT (KTV Studio - crime drama)

1. I knew it was him all along...

2. I may be dying, but at least my name is cleared.

Mens Rea: Season 4 - GUILTY (KTV - crime drama)

1. I can't believe you fell for that!

2. You won't kill me... you're one of the good guys.

Murderer Finders: Scottsdale (DPZ Studio - crime drama)

1. The victim was found wearing a miner's helmet.

2. Maybe he was just feeling... light headed.


The Organization (KTV - crime drama)

1. Pass over the cabbage, big guy.

2. Nobody likes a rat.

ORDR Lees (KTV - drama)

1. I thought you were paging Dr. Lee, the cardiologist.

2. Not Dr. Lee, the immunologist.

ORDR Lees: Season 2 (KTV - drama)

1. It was a close brush with death...

2. Fortunately, the other Dr. Lee sacrificed herself to save me.

ORDR Lees: Season 2 (flashback episode) (KTV - drama)

1. If we both make it through med. school, we should work together!

2. We'll be the best of friends and definitely live long lives.

The O'Sullivan Family (KTV, Sci-fi)

1. She said it was pretty, pretty good.

2. At least we'll always be friends.

P Edit

The Phillips Family (KTV - Sitcom)

1. It is impossible to hear anything over all this audience applause!

2. I'll call a taxi.


Rash Romances (daytime drama / Supercool Studio)

1.The love of my life has shown up to my wedding one day before being declared legally dead!

2. The secret storm of emotions I feel calls for a dramatic pause.

The Real Celebs of Hollywood [version #1] (KTV - Reality)

1. Another box office hit...

2. I wonder what's next…

The Real Celebs of Hollywood [version #2] (KTV - Reality)

1. I might go to The Black Widow tonight...

2. This is my life.

The Real Celebs of Hollywood [version #3] (KTV - Reality)

1. I might go to The Black Widow tonight...

2. Just make sure the camera's rolling for what I say next!

The Roaring Hogs (Supercool studio)

1. All I need is a bike and a bottle...

2. Not necessarily in that order.


A Suburban Horror Story (Season 1) (DWBS Pictures studio - horror)

1. Yeah, this the house where all of those murders happened.

2. Let's buy it, anyway! What could go wrong?

A Suburban Horror Story (Season 2) (DWBS Pictures studio - horror)

1. What's wrong with your face?

2. It's all bloody! Oh! Is that why they call you that?


To The Wire (crime / KTV Studio)

1. This is what it's like... 

2. ...on the streets.

The (Your Name) Show (KTV Studio)

1. It's a good script...

2. But we'll see what happens!


Vice Squad Arizona (Crime Drama/KTV Studio)

1. The victim was found in the lobby of a trendy boutique hotel.

2. Well, killing him wasn't the... inn thing to do.

Voice Idol (Supercool Studio)

1. I'm thrilled to be a part of this season!

2. Good luck to all of the contestants! 

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