Lilly Delva
Gender Female
List A-List A-List
Occupation Makeup Artist

Lilly Delva first comes onto the scene on set of Zombies Ate My Friends. After filming you have the opportunity to meet her as part of Meet Lilly Delva where she has requested to meet you at the Infinitum in The Hills.

Lilly's appearance differs between players.

Background Trivia

Lilly Delva is a makeup artist who is described as a veteran makeup artist for horror films. She has worked with all the top horror film directors including the grandfather of zombie films, Jorge Romaro, who happens to be a dear friend of Lilly's. Delva believes without great makeup, a horror film might as well be a comedy!

Related Goals


For Zombie Fans
Without great makeup, a horror film might as well be a comedy!

Speech Ok.

Meet Lilly Delva
There you are! You probably didn't notice me much while you were filming Zombies Ate My Friends, but I noticed you plenty!

I happen to believe you've got quite a talent for horror films and you'd be just PERFECT for an upcoming project...
Speech Great!

My dear friend Jorge Romaro, is retiring soon, but not before directing his zombie film magnum opus!

He is the grandfather of zombie films and he's looking to cement his legacy as the one true king of the genre.
Speech That's cool.

Casting hasn't begun for the film yet, but believe me when I tell you that you'll want your name in the running for the lead.

You should go see him in Cannes to discuss the project. Don't worry, I'll let him know you're coming. Best of luck!
Speech Thank you, Lilly!

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