This goal follows Task Master.

People Involved


Whether you want him on the show or not, your agent still wants you to meet Jonathon Leever.

You will need Energy13 to speak to Jonathon Leever.

First he will tell you how he is better than Rhys Mayer. You can say:

  • Speech (Laugh.)
  • Speech Yeah, right…

If you said Yeah, right…, he will get upset and leave.
If you said (Laugh.), he will try to convince you by featuring you in a song in his next album. You can then say:

  • Speech Let's do it.
  • Speech Your music is trash!

If you said Let's do it., he will be your co-star and replace Rhys Mayer.

If you said Your music is trash!, he will get mad at you and threaten you.

Goal Reward

Cash+40 XP+32

Following Goal

If Leever is NOT your Co-Star- Pulled the Leever
If Leever is your Co-Star- Nothin' but the Hits

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