Leah Robertson
Gender Female
List E-List E-List
Occupation Bartender

Leah Robertson will be behind the bar at Club Spaceman located in Downtown.

Background Trivia

Leah is a bartender at Club Spaceman who will serve you whilst helping herself to a drink. Whether her drink is included in the price, buying a beverage from Leah will cost Cash12 and in exchange she will share information about people currently in the club, even though she doesn't care...

Related Goals


Club Spaceman
What can I get ya?

1.Speech (A drink.) Cash12
2. Speech Nothing.

1. No problem. Anything else?
a. Speech (Gossip.) +XP1
b. Speech No, thanks.

Friend Response

a. Well, (GC/FB Friend Name) just ordered a drink.
They mentioned they were a friend, and I told them I didn't care.
Speech Thanks

Meet Flannery
Hey... aren't you (Your Name)? I loved you in that thing.

1. Speech Thanks. Energy6
2. Speech (Come back later.)

1. That thing is one of my favorites. So, there was this guy here and...
a. Speech Edmund Flannery
b. Speech Where is he?

a. He wouldn't leave his name, but he said he was waiting for you. Anyway, head over to The Silver Shellfish. He'll be waiting for you there. He didn't like the food options here. And by "food options," I mean that the kitchen is closed.
A. Speech (Give tip.) Cash+10
B. Speech (Leave.)

b. ?

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