Lawrence Quicksilver
Gender Male
List E-List E-List
Occupation Competitive Eater

Lawrence Quicksilver comes onto the scene as part of Method Act Part 1.

Background Trivia

Lawrence's real name is Ronald Quicksilver. He won a contest where he ate nine pounds of poutine in nine minutes. Pie is his favourite food to eat. Quicksilver met Edmund Flannery a few years ago on the competitive eating circuit.

Related Goal


Method Act Part 1
(Your Name)! My name's Lawrence Quicksilver. Edmund Flannery sent me.

1. Speech Who are you? Energy12
2. Speech (Come back later.)

1. I know... a catchy name, right? It's my stage name, really. My real name is Ronald Quicksilver.
Speech But who are you?

Oh... I'm a competitive eater. Hot dogs, hamburgers, pancakes... I've eaten vast quantities of all sorts of things. Last week, I won a contest where I ate nine pounds of poutine in nine minutes. I can still taste the gravy.
Speech Um... okay.

Well, the thing I love to eat the most is pie. And that's why we are here. We are going to eat pie.

Honestly, I don't know. But Edmund asked me for this favor, so I said yes. I met Edmund Flannery a few years ago; he was on the competitive eating circuit. Said he was doing research. I thought he was just some silly movie type, but then he gave me a run for my money in a pie-eating contest, so I began to take him seriously. He followed me around for a year... then he disappeared. I hadn't heard from him in months before he called me and asked me to come meet you... and then, all he told me was to eat some pie with you.
Speech Doesn't sound bad.

Well, he also said that you had to eat four pies before you get the next task. So... I hope you skipped lunch.
Speech Bring it on.

Here's the first one. Banana cream.
Speech Yum!

The second course... apple.
Speech Double yum!

Good job! You're halfway there. You know, when I'm in a contest, the most important thing is to regulate my breathing. If you're not careful, you'll end up choking yourself to death. On that note, blueberry's next.
Speech Just two more…

Whoa... you're polishing them off in no time. I think I can understand what Edmund has seen in you. Wait... I've said to much. Here... have the last pie. Pecan. I hope you're not allergic to nuts.
a. Speech Just penicillin.
b. Speech Me, too.

a. ?

b. Wow... great job! Listen... if you're feeling tired and a bit out of it, that's because all the blood has left your brain and has gone to your stomach to help digest the FOUR pies you just ate. When you get your energy back, head on over to Starbeans and work a shift there. Apparently, that's your next task.
Speech Okay.

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