Jorge Romaro
Gender Male
List A-List A-List
Occupation Director

Jorge Romaro comes onto the scene as part of Meet Jorge Romaro, where Lilly Delva has arranged for you to meet with Mr. Romaro, in Cannes to discuss a role in his upcoming project. Later, you will find him on set of Zombigeddon.

Jorge's appearance differs between players.

Background Trivia

Jorge Romaro is a director who is described as the grandfather of zombie films and is friends with Lilly Delva. He is retiring soon but before he does he wishes to cement his legacy as the one true king of the genre with his final film. Romaro is not easily impressed and believes his last project will be the definitive zombie film and maybe the greatest horror in the history of cinema, which will require a performance nothing short of brilliance.

Related Goals


Meet Jorge Romaro
Ah, (Your Name)! My friend Lilly Delva has been chatting my ear off about you. All good things, I assure you.

I can't promise you the lead role in my final film, but if Lilly saw something in you then we can at least discuss a possible audition.
1. Speech That sounds fair. Energy10
2. Speech (Come back later)

1. ZOMBIGEDDON will be the definitive zombie film and perhaps the greatest horror in the history of cinema!

The performance must be nothing short of brilliance. It will be the mental and physical challenge of a lifetime for even the finest actor!
Speech Sounds scary!

I can already tell you bring great passion to your performances, but are you ready for ZOMBIGEDDON? I'm not to sure…

Perhaps you could earn an audition by completing two more horror films for experience, hmm?
a. Speech Will do!
b. Speech (Charm for audition) Star48

Zombies are about revolution. One generation consumes the next. As one era ends with Zombigeddon, another begins!

Speech Ok.

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