Jean-Luc Girdard
Gender Male
List C-List C-List
Occupation Director

Jean-Luc Girdard first comes onto the scene as part of the as part of Make it So, where your agent informs you that Girdard is considering you for a role, in a film about controversial and reclusive fashion icon Alberto Lamour. and advises you to meet Jean-Luc at Sailaway Studios located in Cannes

Later, Girdard makes you promise; if you star in Digital Desire a trilogy of short films and the biopic, L'amour Lamour, he will introduce to Alberto Lamour!

Background Trivia

Jean-Luc Girdard is a new wave filmmaker who is said to be in the same artistic circles as Lamour... Jean-Luc directs the Digital Desire trilogy and L'amour Lamour.

Related Goals

Haute Coutoure Make it So Digital Desire!
Digital Desire II! Digital Desire III! Come Sail Away
L'amour Lamour! Fashionista


Make it So
Hey, (Your Name), I'm glad you happened to be in France to meet with me on such short notice.

You'd like to meet Alberto Lamour, would you? Perhaps... he doesn't get out much, you know - not since... the Fashion Disaster.
1. Speech I've heard...
2. Speech Fashion Disaster?

2. Well... I don't even like speaking about it, but in the late 80's, a short-lived fashion trend briefly took hold of America.

That trend: parachute pants. That's right, Alberto Lamour, one-time fashion icon, was the mind behind parachute pants.

He immediately lost the respect of the fashion and free world.
Speech That's ridiculous...

Yes, parachute pants were ridiculous. Alberto still carries the shame of them with him to this day.

But enough about the ugly past for now. We're here to talk business! I think you are perfect for the role in my Alberto Lamour biopic: "L'amour Lamour." I was wondering if you would do me a personal favor before production starts on it.
Speech What is it?

I'm directing a trilogy of short films about a pair of computers that fall in love. I would like you to star; if you do, I will introduce you to Mr. Lamour.
Speech Okay!

Excellent! We'll start filming the first of my "Digital Desire" films in 8 hours.
a. Speech Start filming now! Star 16
b. Speech (Wait 8 hrs.)

Come Sail Away
Thank you for meeting me! I wanted to assure you that I have not forgotten what I said about meeting Mr. Lamour.

Once we finish the film, I will introduce you.
Speech Thanks!

Excellent! My passion project, "L'amour Lamour" will begin filming in 24 hours.
1. Speech Start Filming now! Star 48
2. Speech (Wait 24 hrs.)

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