Jay Gabby
Gender Male
List A-List A-List
Occupation Party Boy

Jay Gabby first comes onto the scene as part of Gab Fest, where you are invited to one of his notorious parties at Cecil's Castle. Later, he gives you roles in his movies, The Diamond Bash and The Great Gabby  in order to impress Poppy Neusom.

Background Trivia

Jay Gabby is a young, rich, playboy, who is quickly developing a reputation as someone everyone must know. People claim that Jay is aloof and is in love with your friend, Poppy Neusom, who he has known since he was a kid. Gabby re-invented himself as the rich playboy and threw parties in order to impress her.

Related Goals

Gab Fest Mystery Man Impressive
Get it Poppin' Celebrate!


Gab Fest

Speech Hi.

Speech Alright.

You know Poppy?
Speech Yes.

How do you know her?
Speech School.

Hmm, interesting.
Speech ...

Mystery Man
So, (Your Name), we met at my party.

Speech Yes.

And I understand you're an actor.
Speech That's right.

Well, I saw you talking to Poppy and I want your help.

I want to make a movie to impress her and I want you to help me.
1. Speech Sure.
2. Speech Not interested...

1. Great, I'll set everything up and I'll be in touch with your agent.
a. Speech Start Filming now! Star 16
b. Speech (Wait 8 hrs.)

It's all thanks to you, (Your Name).

Speech What?

Poppy and I are getting married. You know, I used to know her when we were kids.
Speech You did?

Yes, I always loved her. But I had no money. So I went away and re-invented myself. I threw all these parties just to impress to her.

But now, because of that movie, I finally get her to notice me.
Speech That's great.

It sure is. She's made me the happiest man in the world. And it's all thanks to you.
Speech Wow.

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