People Involved


You'll see a actor/actress outside Wasted, their real name is Robert/Roberta Abercrombie but they She'll will introduce their self as Robert/Roberta Smith. They'll tell you that they are in town to do some community theater and the director, who is their mum, said they were talented and should try to make it big. They ask for a favor, for you to hook them up with an agent, yours. They'll wait at Wasted while you go talk to your agent.

It's Who You Know

Go talk to your agent in his office. You have the option to mention Robbie or not to your agent.

Friendly Help

Go to Wasted and talk to Robbie. This action will cost Energy5 to proceed.

You can tell them to go see your agent or that you don't remember. If you do tell them to see your agent, they'll ask for you to celebrate with them by buying them a drink Cash10

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