This goal follows Small-time Interview.

People Involved


Go see Arnie in his office and he announces that he got a call from Riley Goldenstein, the executive producer on a couple of shows at KTV, wants to meet with you. Arnie has set up a meeting at The Golden Porkchop

All Riled Up

Proceeding to speak to Riley Goldenstein requires Energy5

Talk to Riley and say thanks when he says it's a pleasure to meet you. He tells you that he's been hearing good things about your work in The Break. He makes a joke and select "fake laugh" to get some extra experience and cash. He'll tell you that he's working on a sitcom starring Langdon Stegan, who is a hot comedian right now. He'll make another joke (you can choose to laugh or not to), and then tell you about his pet project, a soap opera called "Indefinite Indemnities", and asks you to make appearances in the season that's about to start shooting. If you choose to agree to it, filming will start in 4 hours.


Indefinite Indemnities
(Property of KTV studio)

Line 1: I thought you loved me!

Line 2: But you only loved my twin...

Goal Reward

All Riled Up Cash+8 XP+5

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