This goal follows The Planner.

People Involved

  • Your Fiancé


After speaking with the planner, discuss the wedding with your Fiancé.

  • Task Speak to your fiancé about your wedding

Go to your Fiancé's apartment and speak to them. They will ask you where you want to celebrate your big day.

You can choose Vegas for Cash3000, Tahiti for Star50 or Decide later.


Your Fiancé
(Your Name), how's the wedding planning going?

Speech Good.

Really? Great! So, what's the plan. Where are we going to celebrate our big day?
1. Speech Vegas! Cash3000
2. Speech Tahiti! Star50
3. Speech (Decide later.)

1. ?

2. Really! That's amazing! This is so exciting!
Speech Perfect!

Well, I'll see you there. I can't wait to see what you'll be wearing.
Speech Can't wait!

Goal Reward

Cash+50 XP+45

Following Goal

The Big Day

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